Help Me/Question What Kind Of Start Up Is More Risky, Online Or Offline?

Pooja Sharma

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Everyone is not so confident about startups. I want to know what should a person start with online or offline.

Please share your experiences if any. Would it be a good idea to launch an online store first and then start offline looking at the progress you are getting online. Which one is more suggested?

Prasoon Arora

White Belt
Now a days, looking towards the change in techonology and people living scheduled it would be a better option to start an online business.
Online business requires less investment and results with more return as a profit. As people do not prefer to locate the nearest branch they prefer to get the branch comes near to them and online business I an answer to them.

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
Offline business have more costs such as rental fees, and employees' salaries but online businesses only have small costs since you only need to buy a domain. If you know SEO, it is possible to optimize the site yourself and getting it ranked for many targeted keywords. Offline business is more risky because it requires a bigger capital and most people have to obtain a business loan. Your business must pull in enough revenue in order to make the repayment for the loan by the due date.