Help Me/Question What`s Icon Very Important Of Google Analytics?

steve taylor

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I think here icon not playing important role in Google Analytics. Because Google Analytics is all about analyses of your website you can analyse your website location wise and you track where the people most like your website content. you can also find which content is more browse by the customer and which is less. With the help of Google Analytics we can get clear cut idea about content of the website and we can find where is improve required.

niranjan kumar

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Google analytics is very useful for website owner. it help a lot in understand what's going on my website. You can understand about your website and audience.
There are many information about your website.
Avg. Session Duration
Bounce rate
%new session
% New visitor
% Returning visitor
Popular languages
And many more valuable information that help in growth of your website.


Zirkon Kalti

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The most important part of Google Analytics metric is the keyword section where it displays what keywords users type to arrive on your website. From the Google Analytics, you can find out what pages the user visit and the number of pages they visit and the amount of time they spent on your website.


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Google analytics is a web analytics which is develop by google, It's so help full for website Because if you use Google analytics for your website.
You can see your traffic report, your website bounce and your and your keyword report. Google analytics is also available in mobile application like iOS, Android.


Internet Explorer
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What kind of icon in Google Analytics are referring for? Quite confusing because GA is all about providing the users behavior from the website.


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If the question is abot "why GA is so important" than the answer is pretty simple and obvious:
you can check any (and, most importantly, detailed) statistics about people behaviour/traffic on your website.


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When we refer to ‘analytics’, what we’re actually talking about, in its simplest sense, is the metrics and data collected about the activities of our website visitors. Analytics really is just the information resulting from the collection and analysis of this data. ‘Google Analytics’ is a specific tool designed to be used with websites, apps and other online tools. There are other web analytic providers, but Google Analytics is arguably the most commonly known (and it’s free).