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Hostyd :: HostYourDomain is a free web hosting provider that offers 20 GB free web space with 200 GB traffic without display advertisements on the sites users.

Disk space: 20 GB
Bandwidth: 200 GB
Forced Ads: NO
Add-on Domains: Unlimited
FTP Accounts: Unlimited
E-mail Addresses: Unlimited
Control Panel: YES
...and more

Specifications apply to each package / domain
For example: You have two domains: and
You have 200 GB traffic for and another 200 GB Traffic, for = 400 GB traffic.

Control Panel
Has the ability to manage over 40 features and functions for your site!
Tired of cPanel, Plesk or vistapanel? Here you will breathe fresh air.
The "Invoices" to view, print and pay bills. From here you can choose any billing cycle.
Knowledge Base and the "News" to inform users about the use of the service, future events or service updates.
"Support" team lets you communicate any problem you have.
Users can host unlimited domains and can switch between them easily.

In addition, you benefit from:
- Possibility to change the password, language and theme.
- Manager e-mail: creation / deletion / forwarding email accounts, reading emails, etc..
- Creating domains, subdomains, parked domains, the ability to redirect them.
- Importing website, it allows you load your site on our servers in just 1 click.
- Import database: allows import of data in just 1 click, by uploading a file to SQL
- Automatically install over 40 popular scriputir such as WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, etc..
- Build website with Website Builder Tool
- Customizing error pages 404, 400, 401, 403, 500
- FTP access. Create / remove additional FTP accounts, site management etc.
- 2 file manager: allow management website browser.
- Tools Backup - Backing up your database and site files.
- Automatic backup every 7 days
- MySQL manager: create and remove MySQL databases and users
- PhpMyAdmin: allows content management database.
- Cron jobs: programming server to execute certain commands to certain hours / days / weeks
- SSH Console web! Execute SSH commands directly to the server using this single console.
- DNS zone editor: records management domain MX, AAAA, CNAME, HINFO, NAPRT etc.
- Protection of certain parts of the site with the password:
- IP Deny Manager: Prevent access to your site for specific IPs, IP ranges or countries.
- Hotlink Protection: protect leechers website files.
- Folder index manager: change indexing type the public_html directory
- Ability to recharge account
- The best security possible
- Statistics and more ...


What do you think?

I wait for your opinions/suggestions/reviews/tomatos etc.
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