My Experience What To Look For In An Outsourced Team


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While there are many possible benefits to outsourcing, of course, all of those depend on finding the right development team. There are numerous stories of companies who struck a badly-managed outsourced team and had projects that dragged on or products which were not up to quality standards.

It’s a good idea to have a set of criteria for outsourcing so that you find one of the many excellent development teams. Here are some of the points we’d recommend for criteria:

Strong portfolio

You don’t just want a “developer”, you want one who speaks the specific language needed to build your app. The best gauge of this is to see a strong portfolio of similar work which they have completed previously.

Preferably, they should have recommendations from past clients and it should be possible to check those references. Any good developer prides themselves on having a strong list of satisfied former clients.

Good communication

It’s a must of outsourced work that there should be strong communication between parties. First of all, you want a developer who is responsive to your initial queries and replies in a timely fashion. Secondly, the developers should have a clear system of communication throughout the project.

Part of this is about setting expectations. For example, at Echo Innovate IT we work in agile sprints, then review our week’s work. Usually, we’d communicate with the client at least once a week, so that they are kept in the loop with where their project is at. We also let them know when we need to have any feedback and give them a clear means of communicating.

QA testing

Quality is a major concern for any app development work. Analysis has found that almost three-quarters of apps ship with between one and ten bugs, a figure that shouldn’t be so high if appropriate quality testing is carried out.

Ask the developer early on about QA testing and their approach to it. You’re looking for proficiency and that they use a range of different tests.

Right-sized team

There are development teams large or small, one thing to consider is whether the team is the right size for the project. Small teams may not have the bandwidth to take on larger projects, while at the same time, very large enterprise-focused teams may not be interested in smaller projects (or may not give sufficient attention to them).

This might again be a call based on experience. Has the development team successfully completed projects the size of yours previously?