What Vehicle Should You Use For Your Cleaning Business

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One of the latest and hottest home-based businesses these days is cleaning business. Actually, with this type of business, your clients do not have to go to your place since you will be the one who is going to their place and do the work there. But, there are also some cleaning businesses that have commercial locations. So, there are issues that can influence you on either starting up a home-based office or commercial location.

There are lots of veterans out there that believe that in order to gain growth regarding their businesses they need to get out of their homes and work on a commercial facility. Actually, that can be true in some point, since you can create a professional image if you have your own facility for your business. But before shopping for the location, you need to think about all your needs in putting up this business.

If you need an office for your business, there are factors you need to consider such as do you have enough area for a small reception area, work space for yourself and your administrative staff, and a storage area for equipment and supplies. You also need an area for your staffs, a place when they can stay during break times, an area for doing and handling repairs on your equipment should be taught about as well.

Whatever the type of cleaning business you have, you will be having too little chance that your clients will visit your place. So, in seeking for facility, it is best to consider your operational needs and not your clients' needs. Make sure that your location is safe enough for you and your staffs.

You need to bear in mind that vehicle is important, since you are the ones who are going to the homes and offices of your clients. You need to carefully choose the right vehicle since this can be your company on wheels.

If you have a maid service, you can get a station wagon or economy car. Since, you are using equipments and supplies, you need a vehicle where you can have enough place to store all of these things.

For janitorial service, a station wagon can also be used if you are providing light cleaning in small offices, but if you are providing services for commercial businesses, you need a truck or van.

For carpet cleaning business, a van will be needed in order to put all the equipments. A truck can cost you about $10,000 to $18000.

In having a vehicle for your cleaning business, it is best to paint it with your company's name, logo and contact number. In doing so, you can advertise your cleaning business in your neighborhood.

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