What version of Microsoft Office do you use?

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Well I have microsoft works already with my pc when I bought it but I found the programs hard to use for my ECDL course so I had to borrow a copy of Office 2000 off my tutor to do my work.

On my son's pc he has Office 2003.


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I use MS Office 2003, but I would like to upgrade soon.
Haha, the only reason I want to upgrade is because I'm hoping to get a free copy. If I can't get a free copy, then I will be using 2003 until... well for the foreseeable future. :lol:


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MS Office

Screw Microsoft Office

Get OpenOffice

Its free and is slick.

Microsoft Office 2007 costs ?300. That's a LOT of beer

If you get Office with your system then that's cool but I cant warrant the massive installations of office productivity to type reports and email.

I use 2007 at work and NOBODY there likes it.

There is a movement at the moment to move away from proprietary formats like .DOC and .XLS as they are not standardised or reviewed and other systems (like open office) have to emulate them as best they can.

PLe and the oen source community are pushing for a unified standard (like Acrobat) that can be easily ported between systems and (suprise suprise) Microsoft do not want to join in as their sales will drop.

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