What's a good outdoorsy place to take a girl?

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I just met a girl on wednesday. I want to see about taking her out on sunday, but don't want to do the typical dinner thing.

What's around the bay that we can do? Preferably in our around the City, since I don't want to be driving an hour.


Well do you have a lake nearby. Im in canada so we got enough. Other than that i cant think of any.

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I would say Half Moon Bay, but then again you don't want to drive for an hour...depending where you're exactly from & how the traffic is. Maybe it'll only take you between thirty to forty-five minutes because it took me about an hour & I'm from the 408.

P.S. Don't be cheap if you really like the girl.


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hmm.. well u can take her to movies.. or oh no wait u said outdoorsy as in like woods or something? lol.. umm.. hmm.. maybe to the beach.. its nice there.. =]


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well lets see. if she likes animals, take her to the sf zoo. theres alot you can do though from walking at pier 39 and going up to coit tower or twin peaks to look at the view. it all depends on the girl also. but yeah you dont want to go cheap. i wouldve said bring her to santa cruz beach boardwalk then take her to the beach but you said u dont want to drive out.
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