My Experience Where Press Releases Fit In Your Seo Strategy


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Where Press Releases Fit In Your SEO Strategy


Press release has become staple since panda and penguin update. Both the updates brought great content to web. Today press release has been evolving and they are still good for SEO.

The Benefits of Press Releases

Natural links from multiple outside sources

It’s hard to get quality inbound links. Building them yourself takes a significant amount of time and can result in a search engine penalty if you’re not careful. Writing or producing great content that gets shared virally is difficult as well. But there are plenty of news sources constantly looking for new material to publish, and submitting one press release.

High-quality, authoritative sources

They are news sites dedicated to publishing high-quality information, and they’ve been around long enough to earn their reputation.

Opportunities for keyword linking and name recognition

Give a key word to your company name and this make easier to search your company. If you have a taco restaurant then use the keyword taco so this shows results of your company.

Immediate visibility and referral traffic

Press releases aren’t all about optimizing for search engines. Each news outlet that picks up your press release is going to have its own dedicated readership—which means that you’ll have a new set of eyes seeing your brand for the first time for every press release that gets published.

Online Reputation Management

Press releases that include your brand name in the title tend to rank well in search engines for searches of your brand name. Since you can control the content of a press release, this gives you some degree of control over your online reputation

Potential Drawbacks

There are number of drawback listed likewise the benefits are listed.

Higher-quality sources are harder to persuade

So there is no guarantee that your press release will be taken by any high quality outlet. It is an unpredictable game. If you got no luck finally you end up with small-value outlets.

Press releases are everywhere, and collectively have reduced authority

As everyone uses press release this makes us to shine in the ranking of google. This also makes Google to refine their ranking. They can work against you if considered non-newsworthy

Even if your press release content worth and if not has any news then it shall be rejected.

Press releases are expensive

Each press release is going to cost you a hundred bucks. This may be easy for high end companies but it may not be useful for small companies.

Setting Your Priorities

Consider your budget, strengthening your brand name, social presence. So before doing a press release think about everything.


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This is totally awesome. Knowing the impact of press releases to SEO and its benefits makes me appreciate it more. This is very helpful particularly there are things to consider before doing press releases.