Help Me/Question Which Freelancing Job Is Good, Full Time Or Part Time?

steve taylor

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As a fresher there are lack in getting project from freelancing websites because there are no review and no experience are sown on the profile. so there are not sufficient projects are available to work in which condition we like to prefer full time job along with doing freelancing job as part time.

Doominic anderson

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Initially i suggest you to don't choose freelancer as a full time job,because getting first project is little bit difficult,once you get good review and rating,you can get more projects.
Freelancer is best for part time job,if you have a good job and you want to earn more you can do it here,but you have sufficient skills to get projects all time.

niranjan kumar

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You can decide both types of job, either full time or part time. That you can able to do.
Both are best there are no problem is full time or part time job. it's depend on fully you, which type of job you want to do, then bid and get awarded project.

Zirkon Kalti

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You should wait until you are earning a stable income from your freelancing work before you go ahead to quit your office job. Keeping the office job will at least help to pay for all your bills and expenses.


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In the beginning anything will be tough, never depend upon someone who offer work as it can close at any stage. Always make multiple source of income so you won't be in loss. In these days Freelancing gone into tough situation because of Google algorithm and no update PR.
If you are doing a job, then concentrate on it, but those jobs are also clueless and most of them are not getting projects. Try to make money quickly either by doing freelance, job or business.


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Both (Full time and part time) of job are good, But it is depend on your skills and your timing. It means how much time you have to doing a job just like full time or part time.
Just Choose your project from freelancer which Project they have interest and skills and you can complete their project.

Swati Mishra

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Freelancing jobs is all about how you manage the time. A person in regular job can only do a part time or occasionally jobs and a dedicated freelancers would entertain himself with the full time job for sure. It is all about time and how you are into this freelancing business.


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It is according to your time availability that if you have that much time that you are not involve in any other jobs then you can take it as full time job. Otherwise you can also do it part time, it is totally depend upon your time availability.

Prasoon Arora

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As a fresher I would suggest you to refer being a free lancer as a part time reason being if you are working as a part time you have sufficient time to complete your tasks. On the other hand, if you are working as full time there, you may face number of scenarios when you would not be able to co ordinate between the tasks you are woking for full time, time available to you which may results in your incomplete tasks to the clients.


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It is totally depend on you. If you are a employee and you want to make some extra money then you can choose part time freelancing. and in the case of college going student they also can not able to do full time freelancing job.

Manish Mishra

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A freelancing means you are freed to chose your job and there is no boundation for you. If you fill out any freelancing websites form to apply for jobs they will ask you for how many hours you can be dedicated to a job. This can be changed depending on your choice of the project as well.
I think this totally depends on how much time you will give your work and how the expert on your work. If it is possible then try to dedicate full time to your online work. This will bring a better and profitable result for you.


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Though your situation is unique and you know it best, hopefully, we can help you find some clarity about which general direction is right for you!