Help Me/Question Which Is Best Online Banking Or Offline Banking?


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I always use offline banking to take money or to deposit it on bank or to transfer cheque etc.
but seems like everything is online. Is online banking good for transferring your money or to withdraw?
Is it secure and does it charge you?
Is it better than offline banking?

steve taylor

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Now in a digital days all business becoming online. There are no need of cash payment you can simply pay with the help of Credit Debit card at the shopping terminal at both places like online and off line.
Online banking provide more facility like Fund transfer, Bill payment, Mobile recharge and we can track each activity related to bank account.


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It depends on your business, your bank balance (is there sufficient amount present in your account that need to be send someone) and banking online transaction features. If you've less balance, fewer transactions than off-line banking is suitable otherwise on-line banking is most beneficial to process payment fast and save time. For secure means, don't worry almost its is secured, just need to control your passwords.

Manish Mishra

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@justiinn :Using an online banking means freedom of enjoying banking services and saves your enough time. You can send money in fraction of seconds, you do not need to stand in those long queue stand waiting for your turn.
Online baking charges a little but even reaching to a bank will cost you more money and so the consumption of time.
Banking in India is almost work like a charm, you can request, send, e-cheque, create demand draft, fixed deposit, recurring deposit, foreign remittance, etc,


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I think online banking is best, Because most of business are online, But online banking is not much secure than off line banking.
If you want to secure your online banking.
Always use personal PCs, Mobile or any devices.
Protect your devices from security software like firewall.
Not use public internet and wife.
Always use strong password included character and special character.

niranjan kumar

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Online banking always better than offline banking. Due a lot of facilities in online banking such as you can operate your account anytime, anywhere through internet or mobile devices.
in my opinion PayPal is best online banking services provider through paypal you can send or recive your payment in any country, also paypal provide offline banking in USA.


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In simple terms, Online banking is the best method for banking, There are several types of online banking, Credit Card payment, Debit Card, Net banking. In most Banks when a person buy using Credit Card the bank charges some percentage. ( I am not sure, but heard)
If you want to pay your friend use Netbanking, it has no charge. Paying bills are gone easy by using online bank transfer method.

Yeah it is safe to use, no need to worry everything is Digital in these days.

Doominic anderson

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In this digital world mostly people connected with internet and uses online banking becauses it has several benefits as compared to offline banking.
Through online banking you can purchase the product,recharge your mobile,transfer money from one account to another and many more things from your home without going outside.We all are professionals and maximum of them work as a freelancer and online banking is necessary for it.

Zirkon Kalti

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Online banking gives you the convenience to log in into your account and perform all kinds of banking activities such as transfer or check balance of your bank account. If you use online banking, you must be careful of phising and make sure to always log out properly.