Which is better Search Engine

Which is better Seach Engine

  • Yahoo

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  • Google

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Is Yahoo a good search engine or Google. I have seen many of my friends using Yahoo but many others using Google. So i am very confused.

Let start a poll and see what is the real figures!


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The search engine which gives more traffic and profit that is best search engine. If Yahoo gives more profit then Yahoo is good and if Google gives then Google is good.


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If we are talking about search technology Google is better by far. More sensitive, more relevant and more responsive. This then makes it the preferred choice for 85% of global searchers looking for something. This makes it the 'best' search engine in terms of optimizing a website for, for any webmaster.


Yes Google is best search Engine all over the world.Reason is that the response time and the relevance of the search.Other reason is that with firefox, it blocks those sites which contain malware which can harm our PC.
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