Help Me/Question Which Is Catagory Backlinks Need For A New Site?


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First and foremost, what is the niche of your blog? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think category backlinks isn't the right term. I think you are referring to the "backlink sources" that you need to build for your own niche blog. I don't know if you read already took time to go over the forums here and research some of the best backlink sources available (you can even check my own previous threads if you want to), but don't just be lazy by asking basic questions without researching first. Social media, Web 2.0 properties and Youtube videos are good enough for you to build backlinks.

niranjan kumar

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make a list of some good seo off-page techniques and work with approx ten techniques in a day , so you need to make a schedule for it. If you have short time a whole day make at-least two links from your selected ten seo off-pages techniques. After doing this you got twenty back link in ten different techniques. that's very good for your website health.

Zirkon Kalti

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You need all sources of backlinks including links from article directory, social media, blogs, blog commenting, news site, forums. Make sure the link you get is from a site that has a similar niche with yours for example, if are an online store that sell books, you can obtain a backlink from a book reviews blogs.

Swati Mishra

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Category linking process allows you right opportunity to find the right solutions for all your backlinks needs. If you re going to obtain one for you you just need to know how relevant you could be with the backlinking process and there will be the right results waiting for you.

Manish Mishra

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OP has shown me his domain url. I must tell him that working any hard on 3-4 dropped domain that has no SEO value get you no where.
Look i tell you what, A fresh registered domain with similar effort of work has higher chances to stand in SERP's than to a long dropped domain. It already lost 40% of SEO value before you get the things started.
I suggest you to move to a fresh domain, instead than to stick to this one.


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If your site is for health niche, then you have to fins health related blogs, forums for getting backlinks form them. try searching in Google that are for Health niche forums. It is tough to build backlinks for health blogs because the market is saturated with more health blog.


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You need to do on page and of page SEO well, ensure to keep good quality back links and content, or else your website bounce rate is severely cut-down. Be smart and genuine when doing SEO and SMM.


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Back links from social media websites are more important for new websites and the next is that back links from high DA is more important for the new websites to rank higher in the SERP.