Help Me/Question Which is more secure cpanel or plesk?

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I have hears from a few web hosting admins that cpanel is far more secure security wise than Plesk.

cPanel seem to allow generation of very strong passwords, a feature Plesk does not seem to have.

If you use both cPanel and Plesk in your company, which one do you find most secure?


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I would say it depends how well we secure the server.
My advice would be

WHM/Cpanel + CSF / APF + a IDS of your choice.


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cpanel is secure plesk was hacked and helm was hacked by Turkish hacker i have see...go for cpanel its a LInux powered..and fast and secure..if you think its not then give password protect for the folder or read only permission its solved last option SSL


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I think i would go for the cPanel, am i following the trend though?.........yes probably.

Never had any experience with PLesk so i cant really comment on it


I prefer cPanel since the first website hosted, and I have never had big security complaints. I used plesk as well, but unfortunately not long enough to tell how secure it is.


CPanel is way more secured and has way better features then plesk has. Plesk is easy to hack into whereas cpanel isn't. Cpanel provides a better security platform where you can set stronger passwords something that plesk does not offer. I been using cpanel/whm since day one 5+ years of owning a webhosting company and have had no problem at all with hackers plus I hackerproof my entire server anyway :)
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