Which is the best affiliate marketing course?

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For many people, the best affiliate marketing course is Rosalind Garnder's Super Affiliate Handbook. Having met her personally, I think she rocks. It's seldom that I get to chat with a female affiliate marketer, so it's like I'm a different person after meeting her!
Indeed, her manual of knowledge was the highest value for money I'd ever received, specifically about internet affilaite marketing. It was through that that I learnt how to make traffic buy my affiliate recommendations. It was great!
Then, I also came across the late Corey Rudl's Insider Secrets to Internet Marketing. It covered a much wider base, and after his demise, it seemed kind of sad to read the 2005 version. The 2006 and 2007 versions are well updated by Derek Gehl, whom I've also had the pleasure to meet. Derek's put together sufficient knowledge to wipe out the entire universe of affiliate trainers.
Yet, I've found underground affiliate trainings going on that were far more superior. One of them, more so by demonstration rather than by teaching, was Ewen Chia's Super Affiliate Weapon. It goes for a song on Clickbank, but more importantly, your buying process is representative of the hundreds of thousands who go to that site regularly. It's a great experience. Go check out this amazing work yourself! Ewen happens to be one of my closer internet marketing friends, and I can tell you, if you don't get to chat with him, it's going to be a waste (hey, chat with me too).
Affiliate marketing courses abound. There are plenty of other experts whom I've not been able to mention in this short time, but I expect that you will get to know them. I run a couple myself, after being educated by these great people, and I know that if you need a comprehensive, non-technical environment where you meet me face to face and learn the latest techniques in affiliate marketing, join me in the trenches!
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