Asking Advice Which Is The Best Device ?

steve taylor

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When you buy expensive product then you go with apple laptops and desktop.It is best in the laptop and desktop.
but you want to buy cheapest price laptop and desktop then you go with acer lenovo.
These companies are made device very cheapest price and good product.
when you want to buy medium pricing product then you go with dell and hp.
Now the hp is the best in medium pricing.


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If I were to choose between desktop and laptop, I'd prefer the laptop especially when you're travelling from one place to another. It is convenient to use, but the price could vary among brands.

Manish Mishra

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I will suggest you to buy laptop instead a desktop. It is easy to carry and easy to plug and play. You can carry wherever you go and can work along with while you travel or when you are free away from home.

With the desktop, you cannot carry but will need to stick to home to work.


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I had posted a similar thread to this in planning to purchase a replacement for my old desktop at home. After reading the comments and evaluating the suggestions, I am now inclined to buy a laptop. Right now I am canvassing for a branded laptop that my pocket can afford. I dream of having a Macbook but I guess that's a league beyond my reach. Maybe an Acer will do. My concern now is how to adjust to the Windows 10 of the new computer because my present desktop is still running on Windows XP.

Swati Mishra

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I think laptop is better than desktop because laptop is portable, easily we can carry any where without any problem and we use it as wireless, because somewhere may be problem of wire connector. Then we use it easily.


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Both device (computer & laptop) are best, because they are specific uses.
So first you need to know whats are your uses if your uses are light wait then i suggest you buy a laptop.
If your uses are heavy just like heavy gaming or video editing then desktop is best for you.