Help Me/Question Which is the major reason for visitors leaving from our website?


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There's not a specific reason for that problem. But most of the time it has to do with the fact they don't find the exact thing they are looking for on your site. So that the main reason when you're publishing contents you have to do so with the users in mind.


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If your content is not enough and lack of knowledge or your content is not interesting, I am sure the visitors will no longer stay on your site. You will need to have unique and readable content in order for them to stay longer on your site.


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People don't have a lot of patience while browsing, so the reason may be just not seeing the information they need right away. A sitemap might help with this.

Zirkon Kalti

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Some of the reasons that your visitors are exiting the site so fast are content not informative enough, grammar mistakes in content, bad navigation, too many ads, pop ups and pop unders, videos that play automatically, and requirement to signup for an account.


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It depends upon the quality of content, in these days people are making irrelevant content. The visitor visits the page for the need but seeing too much content they will leave it off.
Some people sites have been more addicted with ads and some of them hosts on poor hosting servers.

I have seen some bloggers just write for a song download, but their isn't a download at all. Ive seen two of the blogs where we need to share on social network sites for reading content from that blogs.


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Today everything moves at a very fast pace; whoever lands on your site is only there for a few seconds whether they are looking for something connected to your activity or content, or because they simply fell down fortuitously.

This means that you have just a few seconds to grab surfers's attention, whether with a catchy design, a neat navigation menu, or the main content seen at first sight rather than under a bloat of ads and sponsored content.

If you retain their attention for a minute at least, your chances to get them digging into increase, and here is where you need to understand your traffic and what the surfers' needs are, which usually is easier to find when they go straight from a referred search engine query.

Manish Mishra

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Useful, informative and precisely written contents can do all the wonders no matter what business you wan to get success in. I believe content is the key success for any online business to reach the success.
Undoubtedly, if there ain't much visitors on your website or it had a great increasing bounce rate. It is giving you a great sign to improve the content with appropriate and quality should matters. Useful, informative and quality work always loves by everyone.


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The first thing is appearance. If the page is too much cluttered, no one will stay there. The second thing is the written text. If the first few lines are not interesting, the visitor will leave the page immediately. Third is presentation. The visitor may leave page even if it is good content because the content is not presented professionally.


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For me, I think there are certain reasons why these people are leaving our websites, and I want to add some points here:

1. Your content isn't attractive and engaging enough. In other words, your content is just full of words and no images, videos or innovative style included.
2. Your site's theme isn't really attractive too. This is another common reason why you are losing visitors into your website.
3. You are not giving time to update your website with high quality and engaging content.
4. Perhaps you might check your website's SEO score if it passes the standards of Google. If not, it maybe sandboxed or penalized by Google Panda or Penguin.
5. You're not giving time to share it consistently to targeted social media fan pages, groups or so.

If any of them is your problem right now, find time to assess it and adjust to make your website better and more engaging like no other.

Doominic anderson

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Lack of relevant information for which the visitors are looking on your pages force them to leave the site.
But this is not the only reason to leave the site,site loading time is also important,if your site takes a long time to open it creates negativity.
Look of your site,color combination,titles,unnecessary add options and too much process for getting something or downloading also effects visitors.


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As a prototype, let us our office website. We launched it in 2004 and it was alive and kicking on the first year and thereafter. But sometime in 2008, I left our office for a long vacation - I actually resigned but later on called back after more than 5 months. In that period when I was away, the e-magazine was neglected. No one handled the solicitation of articles that left the website static (when it should be dynamic with a weekly update of 4 articles). When I came back, the hits were only 1,000 from the previous 6,000 a day.


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If a site is an earning site, the reason why people leave is because rates or payments may not be enough. But if some other sites, they might not find what they are looking for.

Prasoon Arora

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It is very important to keep the hold on visitors visiting on your website. Before making website you need to be sure that your contents are precise and clear, as unmatched contents can force visitors to leave your website.
If you have mentioned for the services you provide, do participate. As your ignorance can lead your position to down and visitors can be less in numbers.
It is very important to be updated, with the technology , requirements, options available in market, and the competitors. It is very easy to keep the number and rapid growth in your website search, after you utilized meta tags, proper keywords and manage Search Engine Optimization.