Help Me/Question Which Kind Of Seo Firm We Should Choose?


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There are a lot of companies and firms providing SEO services, and they claim to be perfect in providing the results. Please share which qualities should be checked when hiring them?


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If I were you, I would suggest Daniel Lew's Virtual Helper 247 service. Not only they provide quality SEO for your websites or blogs, but they will also do social media promotion and management, article writing, video editing, and so on. I do have my own honest review with Virtual Helper 247 through the link below:

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Although other SEO firms are fine, but Virtual Helper 247 is hands down! The best among the rest, and they have been online for more than a year with many satisfied and happy customers. One of my customers actually told me that his website's rank had jumped into page one and increased revenue as well.


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I would suggest you spend about 4 hours and read everything Google wrote about SEO, and then just do it yourself. SEO ´gurus´ often use questionable tactics and if they aren´t able to get decent results for you, will gradually start using stuff that could end up getting you banned from Google. SEO is very easy to do, and the ´hard´stuff that they do is also the stuff that Google doesn´t want you to be doing, like creating bogus backlinks or spamming blog comments or forums. If you care about your domain name, you are much better off just following the simple rules that Google outlines and do it all yourself.


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None. There are no SEO secrets. Everything about SEO is free public knowledge and once you read about it, you'll realize that most of it is just common sense.

The people who pay for SEO are just people who don't know any better OR, people who do know better but don't have the time to implement the strategies, but they're smart enough to keep a good eye on the service they bought.

Friend of mine paid for SEO and they put his website link on reallllly bad wordpress sites that were only a few months old and had NO relevant content. REALLY BAD LINKS!!!


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True fact, no hard & fast rule when it comes to SEO. Follow it from scratch, go on & on and see it growing. More you productively input efforts to it, more it will pull back results for you.


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If you lack a fundamental understanding of SEO, you probably shouldn't hire SEO services at all, because you will have no idea what you're getting.

Instead I would focus on producing quality content. That's going to help your site more than anything else you do.

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Seo classified into two basic categories off-page seo and on-page seo.
You can easily understand the off-page seo techniques with the help of beginners tutorial,it's very simple and need some practicals which you can do after a deep study.
On-page seo needs coding knowledge about HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,PHP e.t.c.
On-page seo techniques apply on the website to make it more efficient and user friendly.

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Some knowledge of SEO is beneficial to hiring a company for rank up your website . If you do not know about SEO then company charge to you very much and they perform SEO as they wish.
If you know about SEO then you can personage your SEO task as you wish . List out those SEO techniques which is most powerful for ranking website .Then hire company or individual for work with those SEO techniques only.

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If i have to hire a firm, i will go through their website and check what on-page and off-page has been done to their own website. I will research the keywords they use and what tactics they are following for their website. It will help me knowing hood good they are. Its an easy trick to understand their employee methodology to work. I am sure no seo company hire someone else to do seo on their own website.