Help Me/Question Which One Is Best For Use Internal Css Or External Css?

Doominic anderson

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CSS stands for cascading style sheet and it is used to describe the appearance and formatting of a HTML web document.CSS is used with HTML in two ways internally or externally,in external CSS a separate CSS file is linked to the HTML page whether in internal CSS the coding of CSS is done in head section using style tag.
Which one is best for use internal CSS or external CSS?


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External CSS is good for calling back from that page, Internal is too hard to rectify errors. I love the new method of external CSS pages that are built. There is a Chrome plugin that will be more helpful to find the exact Css code, although we are able to find on internal Css code page too, but it really looks neat on external pages.


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External CSS is best than internal and inline css because a external style sheet include in all page for the same style, same design. And external CSS is so easy to make just make a .CSS file without <style>. where internal css can not include in all page if you want same style on every page make a external style sheet.


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the better way is to put specific for this pages styles into internal css, and these which for whole site - into external