Help Me/Question Which One Is Give More Money Google Ad Or Bing Ad?

steve taylor

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I have a website and I already register my website with google ad and I want to register my website with Bing ad
Please suggest me which one give more money google adwords or Bing ad center .
Do I register my website with more than one ad providing agencies like google , Bing ,Yahoo etc.


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if you have register on Google ad then i dont think you need any other to earn money. it is sufficient and you will easily earn as what really matter is the content of your should be interesting and knowledgeable so that you can earn money by increasing traffic.
keywords help you to get more crowd on your website.


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I may think you are asking about Google Adsense and Bing publisher network. My suggestion is stay with google adsense and they are the best paying network for a click. Bing doesn't accept publishers from India.
BTW how much did you made with Google ad so far and did you got paid from them?

Manish Mishra

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I am not sure but i heard Bing offers good money than to Google. Choosing which one will be beneficial is the job your website decide. You may get some good money with Bing and may not be with Google. It is all about how the things happening for you.

Maybe for some keyword you are number in Bing and same keyword you will be paid for. And that keyword rank you nowhere in Google and you have no idea why you are not earning a cent even.

Doominic anderson

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Google Adsense and bing ad both provide the facility to get their add on your website and you can earn money on every pay per impression and pay per click.
Google adsense is more popular and good in terms of earning money,but initially i suggest you to not use too much add on your website.
First try to increase as much crowd as you can by adding good keywords and providing relevant knowledge to the visitors.


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Google Adsense outperforms other ad networks because they have more inventory (advertisments) competing for the ad space, which drives up the cost per click for advertisers.