Help Me/Question Which Payment Processing System Holds Our Money Transferred From Freelancer Account?

Doominic anderson

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Paypal doesn't offer debit card in my country and we are not able to hold our money in Paypal account,once money is transferred from freelancer account to Paypal it automatically withdraw and after 2 days we can get it from our local account.
Is there any online payment processing system where we can hold our money which is transferred from our freelancer account without pay any charge?

steve taylor

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Same problem I am also facing I am not able to register my visa debit card with my Paypal account. I use alternative way for withdraw money from freelancer account.
Freelancer provide Express withdrawal option, It is available for India. It is also cheap and fast method as compare to all online payment processing websites.You can go for it.

niranjan kumar

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In freelancer many option for transfer or withdraw money that you can use, if you are not satisfied with PayPal account. PayPal is not a perfect online banking system but there are no any best option than PayPal, so you need to use Paypal.


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No is that no any one online payment processing free of cost to transfer your money from freelancer to your online payment process account or your local account.but there are so many online payment processing system to use for transfer your money from freelancer to your local account.
just like 2 Checkout, ACH Payments.

Zirkon Kalti

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You can read about the express withdrawal in Freelancer here Payments and Billing FAQ | Freelancer. The minimum withdrawal for express withdrawal is $30. They don't charge any withdrawal fee for the express withdrawal option. Express withdrawal is available for the following countries Australia, India, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland and the United States of America.


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Paypal provide both option for money withdrawal manual as well as automatic. By default money withdrawal option set to automatic. If you do not want to withdrawal money from Paypal account to your local account . You can change withdrawal setting automatic to manual.