Who are wating for PS3?

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Are some of you like me, who just cant wait to get your fingers on your own PS3 when it comes out?

I really dig the features and power it got, and cant wait to get mine.

And i saw serval new games who are coming to PS3, and they looke great. Think the future are bright for cool and exellent gaming by/for PS3


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I wanted a PS3 until they paid Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and EBgames to say that the freezing of the console is supposed to happen to help stop people staying on the console. Which is not true. Then i read on gamespot that you have to use air in order to clean it everything else will scratch it. One of the last flaws i will bother to post is that it take long time to load a game and with HD cables nothing will show on the screen for almost 2 minutes.

reason i would buy it: Blu Ray

Have an HD DVD player but seems no good movies are on HD DVD


Since Final Fantasy XIII hasn't come out yet anyway, I'm in no hurry to get a PS3. With any luck the prices would've gone down a bit by then, too. Ha.


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When I got my PS2 you could go into the options at the beginning and change the dvd-rom driver from normal to fast. It made a huge difference in both speed and noise.


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cant say that i am too interested in computers anymore , i am too busy with my laptop typing. I dont get the time to play games any more, must say i prefer the xbox though
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