Who Will Win Strictly Come Dancing?

Who Will Win Strictly Come Dancing?

  • Lisa Snowdon

    Votes: 2 66.7%
  • Rachel Stevens

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • Tom Chambers

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Strictly Come Dancing is now wide open.

In the dance off yesterday between Austin Healey and model/DJ Lisa Snowden, Healey lost out in the judge's vote.

Tom Chambers, singer Rachel Stevens and Lisa Snowden are now in the semi-final.

Who will be the eventual winner do you think?


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Viewers described the corporation's last-minute decision to abandon the eviction as a "farce" and a "stitch-up" after the last-minute decision to abandon the eviction.

The BBC was criticised for failing to foresee the voting confusion that baffled the show's millions of fans and threatens to taint next week's final.

Strictly Come Dancing viewers have also been told they will not be refunded for votes cast during the programme

Philip Davies MP, a Tory member of the culture committee, said that the corporation should have had measures in place to prevent the "ludicrous" situation of viewers paying to cast meaningless votes.

Producers went ahead with the public vote even though Holby City actor Tom Chambers received such low marks from the judges that he could not have been saved from the dance-off. When programme bosses eventually realised the error they decided that all three contestants – Chambers, model Lisa Snowdon and singer Rachel Stevens – should go through to the final next week. Yesterday the BBC refused to reimburse viewers, saying that all votes would be rolled over.

"It's going back to the bad old days when people were being swindled", Mr Davies said, calling for viewers to be refunded. "It looks like the BBC have learned nothing from all the previous voting scandals.

"They should have seen what the situation was and stopped people from voting in the first place."

Hundreds of people have complained to the BBC about Saturday's show, which ended ten minutes early with no explanation about why the eviction was cancelled.

The official Strictly Come Dancing message board has been deluged with angry posts from fans, many threatening to boycott the final.



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Strictly Come Dancing runner-up Rachel Stevens has said she broke down in tears and was a "blubbering wreck" after losing the controversial final.

Rachel Stevens and professional dance partner Vincent Simone

The former S Club 7 singer said she had to leave the studio after Holby City actor Tom Chambers won the competition.

Chambers, 31, came last in the judges' scores with his partner Camilla Dallerup. But viewer votes meant they progressed to the dance-off against Rachel and Vincent.

He was saved the previous week by a last-minute decision to let all three remaining couples reach the final. The decision was made after scoring from judges resulted in a tie between Rachel and Lisa, meaning no matter how much public support he received, he could not have been saved from the dance off.

Stevens, 30, who danced with Vincent Simone, said: "Everything was too much. I bawled - I was a blubbering wreck.

"My mum said, 'You're a winner to me, I can't tell you how well you've done, you've inspired me.' Alex [Bourne, her fiance] was the same. He took me away and gave me a hug."

She told The Sun: "I was so elated to get through to the final two. But I did stand there just thinking, 'Please say Rachel and Vincent!'

"I had a sixth sense Tom would do it. He has a massive fan-base out there and people love him. He was always going to do it.

"But to win would have been the icing on the cake. I'd have been so proud. I adore Vincent and I'd have loved to have won it for him. He is an amazing guy and I knew how much he wanted it."

More than 13 million viewers watched the Saturday finale, making it the most watched final ever.

Model and TV presenter Lisa Snowdon, dancing with Brendan Cole, was eliminated despite getting perfect marks from the judges.
Chambers meanwhile believes he won because he was more of an entertainer than a dancer.

He told The Daily Mirror: "I'm not a dancer, I just love to dance.
"What I wanted to do was go out and make it entertainment because it's a dance and entertainment show. You can end up taking it too seriously, it's important to try to remember it's entertainment."



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Pathetic! Tom shouldn't have even been in the final. Rachel was the best dancer, followed by Lisa.

Tom will look out of place stood next to past winners. If the viewers had their way it would probably have been a final between Tom and John Sergeant, which says it all.

Leave the final voting to the judges, they know what they're doing, the voting public certainly doesn't have a clue.


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I think Rachel Stevens shold have won as well, dissapointed she did not. But the audience certainly carry a lot of weight and they choose their favourite.
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