My 2 Cents Why Arbitraging Is A Cool Type Of Business?


It's Game Time!

Hey guys!

I hope you're doing great there in your respective business, and I know one day you'll succeed as long you are equipped with persistence, hardwork, focus and dedication. I would really think that this is going to be quite interesting for you in reading this article. I will tell you something that really works until now, and it is what we call arbitraging.

What is arbitraging anyway?

This is a money making scheme that you are reselling an existing service for profit. For example, you found a service that only cost $5, and you charge your clients $10 and outsourcing it to the real service provider, and you get $5 for almost doing nothing. In other words, you are a so-called middleman.

My first experience with arbitraging

To be honest with you guys, arbitraging is quite a fun way to make money because you're almost doing nothing in order to gain some profits for good. I was introduced to arbitraging when I bought an eBook from a Warrior Forum, and it's a Warrior Special Offer. I can see some true potential to make money within a day or two. So I implemented the arbitraging money making method, follow the steps (with some creativity of course) and wait for the deal to come in.

And guess what.....I had my first two deals after two hours! I earned my first $30, and I was like this....

I was dancing like crazy and I never thought that I did made money with arbitraging! But I didn't stop there though, as I continued to do arbitraging with my own tactics an eventually made some extra cash. Unfortunately, I didn't do this for long because I have a fixed job during that time, and I can't make much time for that though.

But at least I know that this works on my part, even for just a little. You can make some extra cash for this strategy, but this is not going to make you earn a million bucks anytime soon. You've got to make sure that you're doing a good job as a reseller or a middleman for this one. If I can do this, so can you. As a result, I can say is that this kind of business is cooler than I thought.

Here are the three reasons why arbitraging business is so cool!

1. No to less startup capital

This is one of the coolest reasons why arbitraging is a good and legitimate business. You don't need to invest money at all to start your arbitraging business. You can just simply find a cheap service, resell it at your own website or other source at higher the price, and you can make some profit in no time. If you want to invest, you can setup a professional looking website of your own by simply buying a domain, web hosting and a premium Wordpress theme.

2. Zero to less effort

While of most traditional and online businesses requires you to have effort, hardwork and perseverance, this one isn't. As a middleman or reseller, you don't have to do all the dirty work. Let the outsourcers do it and send their output to you, and then send it to your high paying client. Once the client approves and pays you the money, pay the outsourcer and keep the difference between their price and your price. All you have to do is simply monitor and communicate between the outsourcers and the high paying clients.

3. It works for any kind of business

This can be implemented in any kind of business you are in now. For example, if you are into web designing business, you can simply look for someone who sells cheap designs and resell it to your high paying client and keep the profits. You just have to be creative and to think out of the box in order to make a difference with arbitraging. But not only that, you can combine several services into one package of yours, and earn bigger profits than ever.

4. Profit as much as you want

As a reseller or middleman, you can profit as much as you want as long you keep looking for high paying clients. But not only that, you can set a higher price for any figures you want. I was even shocked that one middleman are earning $100 for every $5 gig ordered, so that's a whooping $95 profit!

I am also going to share a video about this guy who made $100 on $5 Fiverr gigs. His secrets will be revealed on this video below:

I hope you've learned something on why it's cool to do arbitraging as our business, and you can start even today! Just use your imagination, find cheap services, sell high to customers and keep the profits! Don't just be amazed on what you've learned, take action!


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This is really pretty easy, but you have to be very organized so you don't mix up clients and forget to have jobs done.


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It really depends on the spread you can get, but for the most part it is not as fun or easy as you make it out to be. The most basic problem is that as the middle-man, you will and up doing a lot of communication in both directions. While some may discount it, reading and replying to emails is ´work´ and when you end up in a bunch of back and forths, you could spend an hour or two to make that $10, which makes it less than minimum wage. Finding clients and finding contractors IS work... Answering basic inquiries IS work. Posting dozens of ads on Craigslist, Fiverr, Freelancer IS work.

While most of these tasks are not difficult, they can be time consuming.