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Help Me/Question Why Are The Price Tags On Online Calculators So Huge?

Discussion in 'Freelancer Forum' started by Stevexxv, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. Stevexxv

    Stevexxv New Member

    Dec 18, 2018
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    Recently I wanted to order several online calculators for my site. He compiled a statement of work, described everything in detail with screenshots and examples. He began to look for a web studio to do everything qualitatively, design, impose, programmed.

    However, the services of web studios had to be abandoned, and here's why. At the beginning, the discussion of the work started well, but as it came to the cost of execution, I was, to put it mildly, shocked. The minimum cost that was requested for order fulfillment was ... try to guess? Was $75. On average, the price reached $150. Now imagine, if you need to make not 1 calculator, but how can I, as many as 7 calculators.

    Let's calculate: take $150, or even lower the price to $120 - $120 * 7 = $840. Yes, for the money you can order a full site or online store. And if you have to further refine or change, how many thousands more will you have to pay? He began to look further and came across a studio in which the cost had already started at $300. This is quite a bust.

    In the end, he spat and began to look for individual freelancers. Here the cost is more acceptable and starts from $15 to $75, not higher. Nothing is more acceptable, and for $15 and below, it will be somewhat lame in quality.

    I was searched and spent so much time that I had to make calculators as quickly as possible. I didn’t care about what to collect calculators, and freelancers offered different and incomprehensible technical tools and programming languages. However, I later wanted to edit the information in the calculators myself and so that my site assistants could do it. Then one freelancer offered me two options. The first is to develop a separate admin panel under the control of calculators, where you can change everything yourself. But then the price will be a little higher and it will take 2 weeks to complete. Second - he will make me calculators on some constructor and I will be able to edit them online. In general, I agreed and made me a freelancer somewhere in the week calculators on the designer Ucalc. It doesn't matter what is on the designer, the main thing is that it is convenient to edit.

    So why such high prices for calculators? What is the reason now?
  2. Onzmcn

    Onzmcn New Member

    Mar 25, 2019
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    By the way, this is quite an interesting topic for discussion. Recently, I also observed a similar situation, when orders for online calculators increased, as well as price tags for them. In web studios, services will certainly always be more expensive, and a bit cheaper for freelancers.
    And the high prices for an online calculator are probably all due to the high demand for this among entrepreneurs and site owners. Here are all the freelancers and increase the price tag, trying to make money on it, while orders are there. However, you can also freely use different plugins to create a calculator, for example, for Wordpress there are a lot of different and free ones: wordpress.org/plugins/tags/calculator there you can clearly choose the appropriate plugin, from the most good ones
    • wordpress.org/plugins/calculated-fields-form
    • wordpress.org/plugins/woo-price-calculator
    • wordpress.org/plugins/wp-creator-calculator

    There are also online services where you can create a calculator, for example, jscalc.io or ucalc.pro/en mentioned by you. Such tools allow you to create an online calculator without using plug-ins and work on any platforms.

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