Help Me/Question Why Checkpoints Are Used In Dbms?


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Whenever any failure occurd it is required to check the entire log file to determine what is to be undone and what is to be redone which ofcourse is a very daunting task. In order to over come this problem the concept of CHECKPOINTS are used.

As every transection is recorded in the log file and when checkpoints are used all the transections successfully commited before checkpoint will be moved to the stable storage.

Pooja Sharma

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A database is a system where all the activities are recorded in the form of logs. It becomes complex to keep track of all the logs together. To reduce this checkpoints were introduced. It saves time as it is not possible to check all the logs at a given point of time.


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Suppose you make a transaction in a ATM machine. Your transaction is in process and in between process machine crash. in this situation check point provide the information about your transaction . check points is the temporary file which maintained during the transaction for preventing inconsistency of data.