My Experience Why Choose Outsource App Development Company?


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Strong belief that crafting software is about understanding business needs.

“Speaking” Agile, lean, and scrum. Fluently! Relying on true alignment between lean and agile by applying microservices architecture and automated CI/CD/QA flows.

It is a team of over 90 people, experts in microservices architectures and NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Neo4j partners) who focus on building scalable cloud apps for startups and enterprises.

Combination of awesome developers, agile engineering, and business orientation, leads us to achieving great applications of the highest code quality, which meet all the requirements of our clients.

They are extremely customer-focused in assisting our clients 24/7.

They are the partners who treat mobile applications like any serious business investment.
They do more than just developing applications. They render cost effective mobile solutions that ensures highest return on your investment.

App development outsourcing guide

So, you as an entrepreneur, at some point say to yourself: I want to build an app. You did your research, allocated $10.000 and concluded to go with Android outsourcing. Good. You found out how much apps cost on average:

  • Messaging app like Whatsapp – $50.000 to $130.000
  • Dating app like Tinder – $80.000 to $200.000
  • City guide app – $25.000 to $50.000
  • Networking (social) app – $25.000 and up
  • Banking/payment app – $40.000 to $70.000
  • Taxi booking app like Uber – $25.000 to $100.000
First, look up their website/portfolio, check references, testimonials, case studies. Then conduct interviews in person or via Skype. How do they communicate? A good developer would be keen to explain everything, and any troubles in your talks are potential red flags. Are they experts at what they do? Check their recent projects, pay attention to design and all tiniest details, ask how they fix bugs. Do they deliver on time? You should be able to see proven records of making apps on time.

So how much does it cost to outsource app developmentactually? Below we’ve collected average hourly rates of iPhone and Android outsourcers by location. Note, these are general figures and exact rate you will get only directly from your developer.


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Well, outsourcing brings diversity and a great set of skills. making your own team of developers can be time-consuming and a lot expensive. It might take you a lot of time to house a team with great skills. However, if you outsource, the company will start working on it immediately. Also, outscouring another company can be very cheaper and you can get the job done in a hassle-free manner.