Help Me/Question Why Data Models Are Used In Dbms

Doominic anderson

White Belt
I want to know why data models used in Dbms,is it important anf if yes then what are the reasons behind to use these models.
I only know about data models types,can you help to understand of their use in Dbms.
How data models are differ from other models used in different fields.

steve taylor

White Belt
Data model developed for analyse the whole scenario of the system it gives clear cut idea to developer in the coding phase. Data model also helps to communicate to the customer because data model is the graphical representation so customer recognize all the sensation easily . In the database design most important data model are Entity Relationship Model .

saurabh mathur

Well-Known Member
Data models are used often for multiple models to view the same data and then ensure that all the processes, entities and the relationship and data flows have been identified. It defines how the logical structure of database is modeled. It may provide one or more models.

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