Help Me/Question Why Does The Cost Of Domain Name Increases?

Doominic anderson

White Belt
Why the price of domain names ups and downs so much and what is the reason behind this concept?

I purchased a domain name last year for one year validity in nominal price and now i have to renew it,i am shocked to see it's cost,now the price of it's domain is 50 times more than on which price i purchased it.


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What is the TLD you bought? I am first in life hearing the news from you that 50 times higher than original price. Domain prices always increases, but there is only short percentage for decreasing.
Also can you post where you bought the domain?

Prasoon Arora

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The price of the domain depends on your domain name. It cannot be increased suddenly however, it may increase as per company with whom you registered the domain. The domain name price cannot be increased to 50 times on a one go. You have to contribute a fee to keep your domain. You should rather contact your registrar to know why it increased as they can answer you as per their policy.