Help Me/Question Why Drupal Is Ideal For Ecommerce Websites?


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E-commerce websites are gaining immense popularity with people as it gives them the scope of shopping from the comforts of their homes 24x7. But have you ever wondered how these e-commerce websites are developed and launched? Though there are many platforms which can be used for the development of ecommerce websites, Drupal is a preferred one. Check out the various notable e-commerce websites and you will find that Drupal is the main structure behind the same. One of the best open source platforms, Drupal is a favorite with webmasters developing e-commerce sites.

saurabh mathur

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There are many reasons that makes Drupal best for eCommerce websites as:-

  • It is very friendly search engine.
  • It is secure application framework.
  • It is the powerful and versatile content management system.
  • These projects have ever growing community made available for the developers.
  • It has the growing list of themes which is available for downloading and consulting the offering theme services.
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