My 2 Cents Why Go For Amazon Affiliate Program


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Bloggers are always looking for the right opportunities to gain revenues to compensate for their time and effort on making their blogs. And Amazon Affiliates is one of the largest affiliate program currently existing today. Here are some of the reasons why you should go with amazon.

  • Amazon are dependable and straightforward, you agree what the terms is and then they give it to you without anymore big details to do.
  • Amazon is already a trusted company. People believe in them.
  • Amazon has a large number of inventory and very much popular and useful to the public
  • Amazon products can speak for themselves as long as the consumer knows it is from Amazon
  • In Amazon the more products you sell your cut for the next months will also increase.


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One more thing, I would like to add - Amazon Affiliate is not like it is now, it was easier before toget accepted and start earning money right away, no matter if you implement BH or WH methods.
Now they have very strict rules against affiliates, they now only accept applications, if your first sales is a legit marketed sale.
So, make sure you only go with WH stuff.


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I was an Amazon associate for years, but I never took this one seriously. Even though that I made few sales as an Amazon associate, I wasn't motivated enough to get things going because the earnings are pretty slow compare to the affiliate and CPA offers that I'm promoting. But recently I am trying to get back into Amazon with a new strategy, in which seems to be promising for me, and it was still on planning stage. Amazon is the first ever website that offers an affiliate program way back sometime in the mid 90's, and it opened the doors of other ones like Clickbank, CJ, etc.


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It's a sad news for not accepting new members into their program may be they have more affiliates for promoting products. like Adsense. I think it is tough for any newbie in accepting Amazon. I had only 4 sales once in a life time and it is $4 commission. The money is still pending with them.

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Amazon is lowest commission policies on the another affiliate program.
It is very trick and security for affiliate program.