Help Me/Question Why google hates traffic generated through ptc and traffic exchange sites?


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It is a known fact that Google does not support traffic generated through PTC (Paid To Click) sites and traffic exchanges. They need only organic traffic. But why is it so?

In PTC you know members in fact are not interested to see what is being advertised. They are busy completing their daily quota of ad views and earn some money. Then advertising in PTC is futile as the lead conversion rate is pretty low or zero.

In traffic exchanges, you can only see sellers and no buyers there. Members are in a hurry to earn freee ad credits by running other members ads so that they can display their products and services for free. Here also advertsing is a useless business. Then I think there is no wonder why Google does not like traffic through PTC and traffic exhange sites.

What do you thing about it?


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Of course I totally agree with what you already said. Remember, Google is a company trying to make profits and earn revenue for their share holders and it is always under a lot of pressure from its share holders to demonstrate growth and revenue. If Google allowed its publishers to use PTC advertising, people paying for ads on Google Adsense will feel cheated because these ads are being clicked by users who have no interest in browsing that page, they are just browsing to earn a few cents per page on those PTC websites. Which means, advertisers will leave Google, who wants to pay $2 for a single click by someone who has no interest in buying their product or services at all?

Thus, Google has to keep its tools and strict rules in place to attract more advertisers who can trust Google Adsense that their ads will be seen by potential buyers and clicked upon by potential customers and not random people just working to click on pages and ads without reading and without interest. Using PTC advertising is one of the reasons to be banned from Google Adsense primarily for this reason. Google will do what helps it make more money, ignoring this aspect would be suicidal for Google and I don't think Google will ever stop punishing publishers who use PTC or paid traffic via so many other methods.

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I agree. Traffic exchanges sites will never bring relevant traffic as they advertised. I know those visitors will surely not convert. You have to view others' websites to earn credits for your website to get viewed. I am sure using traffic exchange site will get your site blacklisted in Google although it can temporarily raise your Alexa rank.


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I wouldn't say that Google hates traffic generated through PTC and traffic exchange services, but that they are too old to fall in a potential money-lose activity.

Whoever has been online since before the turn of the century may remember loads of opportunities to makes money using PTC and traffic exchange services, which eventually proven to be fraudulent in a large percentage, generating automated clicks and leads.

On those late days of the 1990s and early 2000s, almost any affiliate network used to pay you for clicks that banners or links received, same as per leads sent straight. However PTC sites and Traffic Exchange Services abused the systems and today is very rare the company that pays per clicks, as in example.

This is why Adsense doesn't allow such type of sites, which involve a high risk, despite some of them are honest and legit services.


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One of the reasons Google is the highest paying ad site ( to publishers) is because advertisers KNOW they are only paying for valid they will pay more for that traffic. As an advertiser, I once tried a free coupon from Bidvertiser... I think it was like $20. So I placed ads on their network and spent the $20 bringing traffic to my website. I checked my stats, and probably 90% of the traffic I payed for stayed on my site less than 3 seconds. That $20 just disappeared and resulted in $0 for me. With Google Adwords, when I spend $20, usually I will earn about $25-$28 ( a $5 profit). The reason is because Google does not charge me for fake traffic. I only pay for people who stay on my site and are real people and so I am willing to pay a higher rate for clicks. If those other ad networks only charge me a fraction of Google, so what, it is almost all fake traffic anyway.


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No, Google is not longer the highest paying ad site, and has not been since some years back.

However if compared with Bidvertiser which is really bad, AdSense appear still as king, but time has gone, advertising has evolved, and while Google goes hand in hand when it comes to technology, they lack of two things; best payment methods and best conversions as it used to be.

I can't complain about my AdSense earning delivered to my bank account, but I know many webmasters aim for something that is never going to happen; have their AdSense earnings via Paypal, which being Google's competitor, never has been their intention to integrate as payment gateway, obviously.

However I feel there is a reason for AdSense earning being lower than they were; publishers abuse. Actually not longer, but there was a time when publishers where continuously deactivated after fraudulent clicking activities.


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Since ADsense is a pay per click program and pays only for the genuine ad clicks, it hates paid traffic. You can get volume traffic via PTC or Traffic exchange website, however, the traffic from PTC or Traffic Exchange is just a number. The individuals who visits websites via PTC and Traffic Website are only fulfilling theri quota of link visits, they are not interested on the content.


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To tell you honestly about PTC and traffic exchange websites, they are not "targeted" and "natural" into the eyes of Google. Basically, you advertise your blog on a PTC site just to get traffic and clicks. But here's the truth about this one. Those people who view ads only cared no to less about the content or how beautiful your website is. They only care about viewing it just to earn money and proceed to the next one.

In other words, it doesn't give the quality that Google is looking for, and that is why they hated PTC and traffic exchange sites. I can relate this to my friend who is currently earning cents in TrafficSwirl and other traffic exchange sites. I am surprised that he starts this as his career even if he has a daily net loss. His mindset was not to check deeply about the websites being advertised on traffic exchanges, but he only cares about earning cents. The same thing goes to you. If you advertise it on PTC and traffic exchange sites, you'll never get quality results.


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I another important drawback of PTC sites is the use of bots in viewing ads. There is no human intervention involved. You can easily download a free program from net to automate the ad views. Obviously lead conversion rate will be minimal or zero. That means there is no end output by doing advertisement in these sites. That is why Google classify traffic from PTC sites as inorganic.

If Google starts believing in PTC or traffic exchanges there will be no future for their business. Then no companies will be giving orders to Google for online advertising.


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Traffic exchange sites are worthless to all but those who have enough money to outsource the boring and time-consuming obligation of having to visit different websites to get surfing credits. Since they're only good for brand exposure [since most of those visiting your site may actually have been paid to do so] then if all you want is traffic that might buy what you're selling, it's best to avoid TE sites.