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Having a business plan when starting your own business is essential if you want the best chance for success. Obviously the amount of details you'd put in such a plan is dependent on the size and complexity of the business you are about to create.

A person who is starting up his own window cleaning round as a sole trader, for example, clearly needs far less detail than the person starting up his own car sales company.

But, without a clear vision of their goals and how they plan to finance and run their business, both individuals could end up failing.

The time spent in preparing a business plan is little in comparison to the length of time you hope to run your business, so view it as time well spent.

A business plan is used both for evaluation purposes within the business itself, and, very often, to help secure outside financing.

Internal uses - helps:

* you spot potential pitfalls before they happen
* structure the financial side of your business efficiently
* focus your development efforts
* work as a measure of your success

A business plan is usually required by an institution to whom you are asking to make you a loan. It would also include potential investors. This might include:

* banks
* external investors - whether this is a friend, a venture capitalist firm or a business angel
* grant providers
* anyone interested in buying your business
* potential partners

Your business plan should change as your business grows. It needs to take an objective and honest look at your business. If not then you could be wasting a lot of time, effort, and money.

What the plan should include

Your business plan should provide details of how and when you are going to develop your business, who's going to play a part and how you will manage the money.

Especially important if you're looking for finance or investment is for your business plan to contain details about how and when you are going to develop your business, who's going to play a part and how you will manage the money. The process of building your plan will also focus your mind on how your new business will need to operate to give it the best chance of success.

Your plan should include:

* An executive summary
* A short description of the business opportunity
* Your marketing and sales strategy
* Your management team and personnel
* Your operations
* Financial forecasts


Importance of Business Plan

Hi all,

I must say a great question raised here; among the various requirements for new startup businesses is business plan.

A good business plan can set the growth path for entrepreneurs. Especially for small business, writing a solid business plan is essential to attract investor and for getting loan approval s from banks. It should put light on points such as business focus, resource allocation, competitiveness, operational communication and attractiveness to banks for obtaining loans.

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Goal is the key to success!

Goal setting is the first and foremost thing to get success. Not just in business but whatever we do in our lives, goal setting is the key for it.

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Wise words! Also never forget to find out about your competitors and learn from their mistakes when building and improving your own business.


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Fail to Plan then Plan to Fail. It is crucial, anyone who thinks about starting a business without a plan is doomed from the start.


Having a business plan is a good way of having a good future success.
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