My 2 Cents Why It's Necessary To Form A Team Of Freelancers?


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Hello guys!

How's your weekend everyone? I think those people who rest and enjoy on weekends are having good time, but there are still someone out there who are not gonna rest (although not all the time). It's just that we do all have our own dreams, and we are working on it as freelancers. As freelancers in any kind of expertise like content creation, web designing, programming, SEO, videos and such, we are free to work at any time. But there are freelancing opportunities who are following the 9 to 5 work style of traditional office jobs. But hey, there's nothing wrong with that you know? Everybody deserves to become successful in their own respective fields, but it needs us to take one step at a time and overcome the different obstacles and challenges we encounter.

But I do have a question for you.....

Are you working alone as a freelancer? Or do you have your own team of freelancers? Let me share to you my own experience when I was working both solo and with a group. For most of the time, I was working solo because I was a beginner that time. Although it is okay for us to work as soloist, but there's a price that we need to pay, and I am going to reveal this to you in this article that I have for good. So I have another question for you though. Do you think it is necessary for us to form our own team of freelancers? Or is it not really necessary at all times? For me, although it is optional but kinda necessary for me. I would like to say that having your own group does have great advantages over being a soloist. However, there's only one issue that I have experienced when it comes to having a team. There's a case that one of my teammates have unfinished work and the deadline is near, and has left for an emergency purpose. So I have no choice but to fill in despite having my own obligations.

Without further ado, I will be revealing to you the reasons why it is necessary for us to form a reliable freelancing team:

1. A team of freelancers can save you time in handling multiple tasks

This is one reason that I really liked the most. Handling the project by ourselves as soloists aren't enough. Although it is only good for easy and short projects, but most of the clients may opt for bigger ones one day. I have experienced myself as a freelancer few times that I have big clients on my own, and they are consistently ordering on me. But here is the problem that I have, in which I can't handle them all at once. As a result, I lost most of my clients because they are transferring to some various group of freelancers who can meet their overall expectations and in a fast way. Although it is okay to go solo, but you can't just handle all of them on your own.

2. A team of freelancers can meet deadlines for multiple projects

Not only you can handle multiple huge tasks from a single client, but you can also meet deadlines as well. Although solo freelancers are able to meet deadlines for small projects, but there's a disadvantage to that. Let's say that you have a project and needs to be done within 48 hours as a soloist. But all of a sudden, you have power interruption in your home and can't make it on time. Not only you will lose the project and payment from the client himself, but you will lose trust from him as well. Having backups are really necessary for you, especially in meeting the deadlines of the projects.

3. A team of freelancers are capable of receiving more orders than being a soloist

Last, but not the least, is one thing that I really look forward to, and that is to receive more orders than you ever imagine. Are you familiar with Fiverr? Some best sellers out there are experiencing something hard in coping up to meet the deadline, especially when it comes to multiple orders. It is because they are soloists, so they have no choice but to extend some days to finish. As for the team of freelancers, they have the capability of receiving more orders because of their fast turnaround.

I hope you may have learned something in this article that I have for you now. I'm not against soloists, but at least you should realize about the advantages of forming your own freelancing team.


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I have seen many teams of freelance writers advertising their services, or the leader of them bidding for projects in which all of them can participate.

I had a different approach to this fact though. However, I can see now that anyone can team up with others and make a group job more efficiently.

I will pick some ideas from this reading to make my own team of freelancers. Thanks a ton for these useful insights :)

Muhammad Rizwan

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Working as a group or team is always referred in all field of life. A single person can only work on single work at a time. However multiple jobs can be handled at the same time with a team. This rule applies in almost all field of life. The business field has great importance for this rule. A new entrepreneur is always searching for guidelines for boosting the business. However, if he joins a team which already has some experts in it, this will help the person to learn new strategies. Discussing and sharing ideas with other entrepreneurs solves a lot of problems. There are fewer chances of having a loss in such type of businesses.


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I am working as freelancer but not a member of a team. But I am willing to join someday if someone who already has a team can join me in. I don't think I am able to create my own team as of now since I couldn't handle the pressure. I just prefer being a member. I have a friend who has a team of web researchers. They already have clients whom they do work for. The client do not look for other freelancers in Upwork and just contact the group for projects. I want to join their group if ever.


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Working as a team has a lot of benefits and the most important thing is that it shares your responsibilities and keeps you relaxed. Teamwork makes the process more efficient and successful. When I worked as a part of a team I found it more comfortable because the work could always be shared instead of taking the whole burden in my shoulders.