Help Me/Question Why Recursive Function Generally Not Used In C Language?

Doominic anderson

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Functions are the soul of any program because without using function we can't make a program more effective.It makes a program good because by defining a function we can easily use it's properties any where in a program where it is required by simply call the function.There are mainly two methods to call a function through iteration method or through recursion method.
Why recursion method is generally not used to call a function in C language?

steve taylor

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Recursive function is easy for programmer to write them. But it is very complex to machine in execution, because it require execute function again and again whenever program gets executed completely. Recursive program also require more memory space.If termination condition is not given properly then system can be hanged.


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Recursion in programming, solve the big program in terms of small program. Recursion means calling the function repeatedly until the program executed completely. Recursion program is very small in size mean length of code is small so it is very easy to recognize by the programmer But it require more computational resources. Hence recursion not preferred.


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Recursive function in the memory while executing expand itself for the number of times it require that means it require lot of spaces and other thing it is complex to understand by the developer when they are viewing code written by others. And they can't be reuse further effectively so they are generally not used in the professional programming.