Tutorial Why Reviews Are Important For Your Business

Zirkon Kalti

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Product reviews is an integral part to every online business that wants to succeed. The need for an online product to have reviews makes it possible for consumers to be involved in a relationship with the business. It is just the same as word of mouth in the traditional marketing method. It is all right for a product to have a few negative reviews because no product is perfect. There will always be at least some small flaws even in a good product. But, having an overall positive reviews will truly help to increase your product sales.

Nowadays, shoppers will first read reviews before buying a product. Reading reviews is the only way that people can gauge the quality of your product and whether it meet their needs since they are buying it online. Customers won't be able to check the product upfront and touch it so they need to rely on reviews. A product with many positive reviews shows that it is popular and has been approved by lots of product.

Just like no one will buy a product on Amazon if it does not have any reviews. If someone sees a similar product on Amazon with hundreds of reviews and another listing of the same product with zero reviews, most customers will surely choose to buy from the first listing even if it is more expensive than the second listing. There will always be new customers buying your product when people see that your product is selling like hot cakes. As you can see, this is how positive reviews can bring you more product sales.

Another important reason why customer reviews is important is that it lets you know whether customers are satisfied with the products and services you are offering. If your product is not working as it should, customers will complain so that you can make improvement. Your goal is to create a product that will give customers the best user experiences. By amending the flaws in your products, your customers will be impressed by your good attitude and they will continue to buy your products and recommend you to their friends.

Having a lot of positive reviews will also attract the search engine to rank you on the top search result. Search engines can determine whether a product is recommended by checking the ratings. Everytime a new user post a review, there is activity on the product page. Search engine likes pages that have a lot of activity and will constantly keep coming back to crawl it. It shows that people like your product so the search engine will recommend you by ranking you on the search result.

Customers who spend time leaving a positive review shows that they are loyal to your brands. They may keep coming back to shop with you. Allowing your customers to leave reviews for your products enables them to build a relationship with you. It will help to create an active social community because the customer who left a feedback may return to your site to check if there is another person who post a response to his feedback. This allows then to start a conversation and your product page will be active with customers adding their views and feedback on your products every now and then. Customers enjoy the right that gives them to voice about their view on your product in a meaningful way that will also help other prospective customers.

The positive reviews that are left by the customers will help to create a positive image on your brand. People will start to know your brand and think that you are a good manufacturer that manufacture products that meet their needs. It will increase the visibility of brand on the web and you will get recognized on the web. The good things that people read about your products will make them naturally mention you on their blog. This will get your brand famous all over the web and people from around the world will be attracted to buy your product.

The reviews posted by the customer will has many keywords that are naturally used. This can help your site to get ranked for various long tail keywords on the search engine. These long tail keywords only exist on your product reviews so people will surely click on your product page when they search for the keywords.


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Whenever we need accommodations for our trips abroad or even when selecting a local resort, we often rely on the reviews. Like the hotel in Kuala Lumpur, the Majestic hotel was purportedly a 5-star hotel and the name implies its class. When we read the reviews, it was simply amazing so we didn't hesitate and ordered a booking. When we arrived in the hotel, just the reception hall amazed us already. And the room? It looked like a suite. So much for praising that hotel. I just want to emphasize that reviews in online are somewhat reliable.


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Reviews are definitely the most important aspect to your business, especially since you can charge more for your product or service when you are more well-known for delivering. Also, most people will be apprehensive regarding trusting a business with no reviews, especially on the internet where a lot of products are scams that will not get shipped.


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Nowadays online reviews are part of Internet culture, especially while shopping. Usually people try to have a look at reviews before finally zeroing down to a product. So, if you got a well written attractive review about your product or service, you are at a high chance of winning an order from a customer. But now the customer is also aware of Internet tricks and knows that every review is another form of advertisement to attract customers. It is almost impossible to find a candid review on net. It has been reported that even the well known shopping sites use fabricated reviews to inspire customers.