Tutorial Why Should You Optimize And Improve Your Old Blog Content

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer

Old content is just as important as new content because new content will become old content as time passed. This is why you should always improve your old content so that it continues to rank well in SEO. Every time you make some edits, you are giving your readers a chance to share the post with their friends on the social media network.

One of the benefits of updating an old content is that it can save you time from having to create the post from scratch. It can be time consuming to write a long blog post. If you don't have time to write a new post, you can run through your old posts to find posts that need improvement. As you run through the old posts, you can note down those posts and record down how much new content you must add to the post.

You should continue to update your old posts by adding new content so that it won't become outdated. If people land on your old post and find the page no longer relevant, they will quickly exit the page. It may only be once that visitors come to your site. You may never see them on your site againt if you don't produce quality article to capture their attention. Updating old content gives people an impression that you are an expert in the topic. Not updating your old content will make visitors disappointed and search elsewhere for the information they want.

Google Caffeine update emphasize webmasters to always keep their site content fresh. Whenever you update your page's content, the Google bot will come to crawl your page to see what new content you have added. Google will display the modified date in the search result after crawling the page. Google will assign a freshness score for every post based on the date when it was first written. The older your posts, the lesser the freshness score it will have. This is why it is always important to update the modified date to that day's date. Although Google can detect your page is updated by crawling it, updating the modified date allows it to get informed faster. If you are updating an ebook, there is no need to update the modified date.

According to Google, a page that is frequently updated will have a different score compared to a page that never have a single change. A document that has been edited a lot will score higher compared to a document that has a relatively small updates. This means that Google will analyze the extent of the update on the page.

Old posts that are just updated may rank higher in the SERP. This is how it will get high CTR in the search engine result. You will find that a lot of your earlier blog posts are shallow and don't have enough information. Some blog posts may even have the wrong information, probably because you are inexperienced on the topic when you first launched the blog.

You grow in experience as you write more posts. Updating the old posts can encourage people to leave new comments on the blog because people usually don't leave comment on an old post. After you have updated the post, you can label it with an updated label and republish it. In this way, your visitor will know that it is a republished posts and will click on it to read and comment on it.

It is not good enough to just re-promote an old post by listing it under the most recent post on your blog. Instead, you should add some content to the old post first before re-promote it. This shows that you care about giving your visitors the best information.

Some webpages don't need to be updated constantly yet they always rank on top. One of the reason is that there are high authority links pointing to the site. Google will take into account the freshness of the links to determine whether the old content is relevant.

When updating old content, you should choose posts that at least still generate some traffic. Improving the content can help to bring even more traffic to the page.


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I didn't know that updating an old blog gives the blogger an advantage as regards SEO of the blog. My idea of that is if my blog is ranked 50th, there is a chance that it would be ranked 49th or even higher if I edit my existing blog with the right keywords. Am I right on that? But what is that high authority link? This is the first time I've heard of that. Pardon me if I sound ignorant because until now I cannot fully comprehend that SEO thing. All I know is that it is just about the ranking in the search list of Google (or maybe other search engines as well).


It's Game Time!
I actually do this in my old product review blog posts as I didn't optimize them before. But when I did optimize them one by one, something happens. I was getting some hops and clicks coming from customers who searched product reviews about the ones that I am promoting. Eventually I did get few sales from them when I have optimized them, especially the upcoming new blog posts that I have. Not only that, I did have a Wordpress plugin that shows related blog posts to the reader, every time they read the article on it. We can't just simply abandon old posts, you know?