My Suggestion Why Social Bookmarking Is Important!

Those of us who know a little about internet marketing know how much the word ‘traffic’ matters to the website owners. In fact, we can safely say, that it is the most important thing. The more traffic you attract, the more fans you get, the more options you have of reaping money from the website and thus, the more money you earn. Whatever may be the idea behind the creation of the website, what matters is how you market it and attract traffic to it. You definitely need to attract people, and make sure they come back for a second time.
Social Bookmarking is one of the most popular ways of attracting niche traffic to your site, people who are actually looking for the kind of content your site boasts of. A brand new way to market your website, this is something that people have fallen in love with. There are several sites on the internet providing social bookmarking services, and what’s more! People actually love to visit those sites to create and popularize contents.
Let’s look at the reasons why social bookmarking is extremely important in today’s internet marketing scenario:
  • A smart campaign in the social bookmarking sites can drive you free and targeted traffic. The people who will be visiting your website will be actually interested in what you have to offer. Now if you can keep the website content interesting enough, this makes sure that they keep coming back for more and more. Once the traffic is there, it is your responsibility to keep them interested. This is a huge opportunity in popularizing your website.
  • Most of the social bookmarking sites are considered pretty esteemed as far as the search engines are concerned. They are not just random websites that can be found on the internet. If we take a look at the page rank of most of these sites, we will notice that most of the popular ones hold a rank of at least 4, all through 8. If your website gets featured more and more in these sites, you are very much likely of getting a good rank in the eyes of the search engines. Once you get a good ranking in the search engines, getting targeted traffic will become easier.
  • The people who control and edit these social bookmarking sites actually search for websites like yours, depending on the subject and content-type. They check the content and rank your site based on their liking. Now, what does this mean? This entails that whatever links, mail ids or content you have given in your site will become very popular in the internet – they may even become viral if people rank your site well and share the link on some blogging or social networking sites. All this happens without you even moving a finger. Absolutely no substantial effort is required on your part. Your website will garner hundreds or even thousands of views. This is the most important reason behind the importance of social bookmarking.


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Here are the benefits of social bookmarking that I have identified.
Traffic:you can direct visitors to your website by sharing links on social bookmarking
Backlinking: By sharing links on social bookmarking sites, you are also creating bookmarking
Social bookmarking is good but the question is do you have time to market on different channels.


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Social media marketing and Social Bookmarking is a great online addition to organizations for sharing , storing, organizing and searching bookmarks of selected web pages.
Beside from getting SEO benefits, book marking can be a first class promotion tool in itself. Viral marketing and advertising promotions can be very successful using these kinds of web strategies since the ranking of the bookmarked pages depends on the ratings given by the users.

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This is the best method to make your online presence available through various sources, and these sources are called social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is beneficial in many ways. It can be used as weapon to promote your website and enhance your business in less time.


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social bookmarking is bestest solution to reach to everybody at a time and to promote about your products. social bookmarking is reaching to the people and it can be done by various networking sites like facebbok,twiiter,instagram etc. if you have your website then you can advertise about it on these networking sites and can build link on these to get traffic.


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Social bookmarking is basically good for building backlinks, but in these days most of them died with spammy links. Social bookmarking helps to index very fast and rank better place in Serp. Some of the sites gone into paid memberships for maintaining long time. Some sites allow us to share privately for accessing later or sharing with the people whom we want.

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Social bookmarking can help your new posts to get indexed faster because the search engine bots are often lingering there due to the many activities. Unless you know how to get your post to the first page of the social bookmarking site, it won't drive much referral traffic.


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The benefits of social bookmarking are:
Instant Indexing – You will be indexed by various Search Engines within hours of getting your site bookmarked on various sites.

Natural links – If you have a really intriguing website or blog, then chances are that others will want to include a link to your site from their own site. So this will ensure plenty of one way links that have been obtained naturally.

Social Network Exposure – If your blog or site has been mentioned on various social networks by thousands of users in their profiles, then the search engines will give your blog/ site more importance while ranking it.
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3 reason why social bookmarking is important,

1. Drive Free and Targeted traffic to your website or blog.
2. Improves your sites Pagerank and number of links from SB sites.
3. Boost the popularity of the website or the blog.


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Social bookmarking helps to get backlinks and increase traffic on your website.
Book-marking is the best method to show website presence in short period of time. It helps in better crawling of a website. Google bots crawl your site frequently if you doing book- marketing.


Social Bookmarking is used to improve the backlinks. More number of do follow links with higher domain and page authority from the relevant websites gives high ranking for the website


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Social media bookmarking is important because most of the people still use bookmarking sites that become famous on one often grow enormously. These go viral because these resources are found by people and not Search Engines.
It is also important for backlinking purposes.