My Suggestion Why To Use A Third Party Platform For Displaying Videos On Wordpress


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Web design has changed significantly over the years and it has become flexible and innovative than ever before. With new era web design platforms and apps having myriads of options to use diverse content, designers often feel tempted to go overboard. But this can actually prove to be detrimental at times. While using video has become easier now, you need to be careful. Videos can appeal to viewers a lot but you need to think of technological boundaries. This is more applicable when you want to use videos in a WordPress based site. Sure, using videos in your site- whether it is e-commerce or not- does help but you should take a cautious approach.

Reasons you should not upload video to your WordPress site
There is no denying that WordPress is a wonderful and flexible CMS. In the platform, you can use plenty of media content along with text. However, uploading videos in WordPress site is a different story altogether!

Nowadays, you can not only use content targeting the web users who use desktop and laptops for web access, as it is. With time number of mobile web users is increasing globally. When you use videos in a WordPress site, even with compression, it leads to an increase in site size. This may lead to slower page loading and rendering. This is something that web users are weary of. Nothing is more irksome than slow loading site for them! Doing this may also make the videos playback in a erratic way or stop in middle. This will not please any viewer, to be sure.

The size limitations can also prove to be a hindrance if you upload videos to a WordPress site. Several WordPress hosting providers impose limits on maximum permissible uploads. Bandwidth allowed by your host can also get exhausted sooner as many visitors visit your website and you may have to upgrade to a costlier plan. You will not like to cope up with site getting down often.

The solution
This does not necessarily mean you cannot use video at all when using WordPress as the site design platform! You can surely embed videos to WordPress and it proves to be better than uploading a video eventually.

As a safer solution, you can upload videos to third party streaming websites. YouTube is popular but you can also try Vimeo. Then it is possible to share the video either on social media or embed it in a WordPress post. You simply have to paste the video URL in the content section. This will not lead to choppy video playback or excess bandwidth consumption. Besides, sharing in the popular streaming sites can get your videos plenty of visitors automatically.

Let me know your thoughts as well on this. :)