My Experience Why Using Video In Websites Is Worthwhile?


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Video watching in web was mostly restricted to video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo up to a time. Web designers were cautious about using videos in various websites owing to factors like page loading time, bandwidth available for end users and so on. However, in the last couple of years this has changed a bit. 4G networks have started expanding across the globe accompanied by emergence of numerous 4G LTE Smartphones. The availability of speedier internet connections apart, there are other compelling reasons for web designers to use video in web design!

Below listed are the top reasons for using videos in web design:
  • Better ranks in Google search- No company can overlook the importance of appearing at top of Google search results nowadays! Google algorithm includes many factors including time spent by viewers in a website. When viewers spend more time in a site- it is likely to have good content. When you use captivating videos in a site- that make the target viewers stay in the site for longer. This may improve the site’s ranking prospects. The prospects of enhanced profits are there too.
  • Stronger connect and emotions provoking- Videos help in the viewers connect with products and services sold by a company online. By showing how organic clothing based attire keeps a baby happy through videos- a brand can create an instant impression on mothers. Besides, most web users prefer watching videos than going through columns of text when they want information on products. This is more applicable for users who rely on small screen smartphones for web access and browsing.
  • Better demonstration, interest arousal- When you want to sell a product online and there are plenty of competitors around, what can be better than showcasing USP of your products? And this can be done effectively through product demonstration videos. Such video demonstrations can make viewers who are technically inept more interested to buy the products. This can be also handy before launching a new product. Before you launch the product, using teaser videos in websites can arouse curiosity in target buyers!
  • Credible Testimonials- In almost all ecommerce sites, buyer testimonials and reviews are there. However, you can also make use of video testimonial to enhance credibility of your brand. Of course, the video testimonial should be shot in a credible manner so that it does not look too promotional.
Summing it up
Videos induce interest on part of viewers and make them connect to your brand in a stronger and better way. They can be used for purposes like demonstration, explanation of concepts and ideas, and product promotion. However, functionality of site and relevance are the factors that should be kept in mind while using videos in websites.


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Placing videos on websites is great especially if these videos are made with good quality and are related to the theme of your site. People love watching videos as long as they are interesting and not boring. There are also some who prefer just watching videos instead of reading texts so I guess it really depends on your frequent site visitors and the feel of the website.

Manish Mishra

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For some excellent tutorial we need to explains through the text but if we include videos along with it, it can sharpen our tutorial. For people who needs action than reading will prefer to take the videos first to figure out if it is really going to work.