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Why WordPress is More User-Friendly Than Drupal

The majority of the people who need websites do not possess an advanced education in programming, web development or web design. They are probably small business people, bloggers or professionals in other fields other than anything related to computing. As such all they need with regards to a content management system is something that is user-friendly. With regards to this WordPress wins hands down. Below are the reasons why WordPress scores higher on user friendliness than Drupal.

WordPress is easy to use
To make use of WordPress, you only need some rudimentary knowledge of Cascading Style Sheets and Hyper Text Markup Language. With that basic knowledge, the plugin library of WordPress is available for you to exploit and make your site feature-rich. In addition, WordPress has a quicker and easier learning curve and is perfectly suited for beginners. Also, WordPress has a WYSIWYG editor that allows anyone to start blogging with the least amount of skills required.

In the case of Drupal, the skills required lean more towards those who have an advanced knowledge of web development, design, and programming. Drupal also does not provide tools that make it easy to utilize.

WordPress installation process is quick and easy
The installation process of WordPress is quick and easy and does not need advanced skills. Additionally many hosting services make it even easier to install WordPress with automated tools. Installing Drupal, on the other hand, requires a more advanced skill set.

WordPress has more far more free themes and plugins
Plugins and themes offer the easiest method of customizing websites. The number of plugins and themes available for free for WordPress is far larger than Drupal. Thus, with WordPress, you don't have to develop your own themes or plugins as you are more likely to find one that perfectly suits your requirements. Drupal also offers plugins and themes but they are not as many and they are mostly not free.

WordPress has a bigger community support should you have problems
Should you require help, WordPress has a much bigger community out there increasing the chances of finding a solution to just about any problem. The situation is different for Drupal, though. Due to Drupal’s bias towards skilled users the community is smaller and getting an answer to a question might not be so easy.

WordPress upgrades are automatic and don’t need your input
Upgrades to WordPress are done automatically and won’t need to involve tweaking the code or design of your website. With Drupal on the other hand, once there are upgrades the code will have to be tweaked too to make it compatible with the newest release. Sometimes this may even involve redesigning the website. This means that if you are not technically adept you will have to hire a Drupal developer.

In the end owing to WordPress’ user friendliness you use less time creating the website or less money hiring someone to do it on your behalf than would be the case with Drupal. This means you can spend more time engaging in your core activity.

Manish Mishra

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I agree with the OP and appreciate his detailed information.
WordPress is a milestone in the blogging platform than any other technologies like Drupal or blogger. WordPress environment is very user friendly and easy to use technology. All search engines loves it too, so it also have the benefits over seo parts.
Even if one has no idea about blogging, working with WordPress will never let him realize that how easy it could be blogging about.

Zirkon Kalti

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WordPress has a user friendly CMS that makes it suitable for beginners. You can use WordPress for small to medium blogs and WordPress is also suitable for hosting an online store. Drupal is suitable for all kinds of websites including blog, e-commerce, social networking site but it can be a difficult to use as you need to have some knowledge in coding. WordPress offers more than 27,000 themes and over 2000 free plugins. On the other hand, Drupal offers 24,000 free plugins and more than 1800 free themes.


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My favorite CMS was Drupal however it is one of the toughest thing to understand as it is not built in user friendly. I would forget most of the time about the blocks.

Wordpress built in more user friendly easy to install, configure the plugins, system with a lot of themes. Wordpress loads faster require less space in memory for hosting and every company supports it. Drupal eats a lot or server resources.