My 2 Cents Why You Need A Business Coach?


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For today, I am going to share something that is very important for our respective businesses. I think this is going to be one of the most important topics that you need to know while you're doing business, and it's something that you must not ignore once and for all. You all want to know the real reason why, right? It is because you all are deserved to succeed in your respective businesses once and for all. But here is the question that I am going to ask you right now.

How can you succeed in your business if you don't have somebody to lend you a hand to get started?

That's right folks! We can't just do it alone, you know? We definitely need somebody who can guide us on how to succeed in our own business. In other words, we really need a business coach. Without further ado, I would like to reveal some reasons on why most of us need a business coach for us to potentially succeed? But before that, I would definitely share something about my experience back then when I needed a business coach to lift up the online business that I have once and for all. It's just that I would like to inspire you a bit before I am going to reveal some reasons. Anyway, let's get started in my own experience first.

It was July of 2010, and my mindset was still on earning money in freelancing. In other words, I was on a rat race. I was making money by being a freelancer, until it was the time my friend Daniel Lew had shared a friendly advice to me, that I really need to start my own online business. I do agree with him, but my problem during that time is simply "time management". I told Daniel that I was working six to eight hours a day on my SEO job, and another few hours of spending time with my girlfriend (now my ex-girlfriend and still great friends) and my best friend Peter.

He told me on what would I gain if I spend more time with them? Would I gain additional income or just losing money for something that's not going to improve my life? His question really struck me, and I said how am I going to start things off. It's where he suggested that I should create a blog of my own like him, and make money with affiliate products that I am going to review. As a result, I agreed. But since I had no idea back then, he agreed to coach me for my online business. I would really thought that coaching isn't necessary, but there's a huge advantage when it comes to look for someone who knows his or her game.

Here are the reasons why you need a coach or mentor for your business:

1. A business coach can guide you in your long term plans

As a businessman, we should not look out for results that we have today. Expect that we are going to lose money in the first place. The business coach may guide us to look for our future results by creating long term plans. For me, I think this is really necessary that we are not after today's results, but on the future itself.

2. A business coach gives you motivation and encouragement

This is what I really liked most about business coaches. They are giving you encouragement, motivation and positiveness to keep going until we succeed and can finally handle our online business in the long run. We don't listen to those "naysayers", but always listen to the business coach who knows almost everything.

3. A business coach has years of experience in your respective field

What makes a business coach so advantageous? It is because he or she has years of experience in doing businesses like no other, and they have experienced the ups and downs as well. He or she will give you the dos and don'ts in doing your online business.

4. A business coach can help bring you more sales in your business

If you see that you have no to less sales, the business coach can guide you to bring more sales in your business by simply teaching you their sales experiences for good.

5. A business coach listens to you before making his or her move

Before they're going to make their moves, the business coaches is willing to listen on your first. This is one of the most important criteria in looking for a business coach, in which they are willing to listen to you first before giving some advice.

I do have a question for you now. Are you ready to find a business coach? Don't think on what you have invested, but always think on what returns are you expecting from a business coach. I bet it's much more than what you've paid for and it's giving great value like no other.


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I think everyone has a business coach, there is always something, a book or a person/people someone looks to for business advice and ideas from, because it's better to run your opinion and thoughts with others first and getting outer opinion that isn't yours alone. But professionally I don't think it's that popular unless it's in big firms and all that, were they have their advisers and people in that field as part of their working team.

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I think multiple business coaches are needed at the same time. Not everyone is the same or has invested in your success with the same energy.

For example, I know someone who has helped me during really tough financial times with resources and connections. But, they haven't taught me much about "peacetime" dealings. There is another business coach who has guided me through setting up a business, finding resources, partnering with people, etc.

One specific coach taught me the value of a 3 piece suit when talking to a banker. Boy do bankers take you seriously when you put on a 3 piece. But, other than dressing tips and tips on how to entice the bankers to lend, he didn't add much to my business proposition.

I believe even a kid selling lemonade on the street has something to teach, so we should always be on the lookout for lessons.


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This seems like an insane expense for just starting out in a business.
Mentors and coaches usually come free. People coach people because they see their younger selves or feel someone has a chance.

Paid coaches are a strict no-no. :) I mean unless you are on a website like where you can get REAL advice from someone like Mark Cuban.


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I think having a business coach is very important to have; especially when you are first starting out. It is good to have someone that has been successful in business to consult with and to teach you some successful business strategies.

Muhammad Rizwan

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Yes, this is true almost all successful businessmen have coaches. Some of them have personal coaches even after being successful in their life. It is being given great importance by experts and newcomers in business filed. As we know business is not as much easy a people think so. Therefore in order to avoid loss in business and further complications arise. We should consult an expert for guidelines.

At this stage, people feel ashamed of asking their problems to others. This should be neglected from everyone's mind. Asking or questioning never restricts your capabilities, rather it enhances them. Therefore, I always suggest people have a coach in the very beginning of their career.


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I also think that when starting any business, money is going to be tight and actually paying for a business coach is an expense that isn't really needed.

If a person looks at the market they are aiming their business at and does their homework correctly that's all that's needed in the beginning and a lot of the advice that a coach will give is mostly just common sense in my opinion.

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It's quite clear, Business coach is the one having a lot of experience and the one who can guide you in real sense then any book. Therefore One must have a business coach at the end for taking start of a business.


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Everything we do in life is intertwined & mixed up; our finances, our businesses and ourselves. For this reason I’ve tried finding out both a life coach and a business coach because I needed help getting over my mental and financial blocks.


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Mentors and coaches usually come free. People coach people because they see their younger selves or feel someone has a chance.

Paid coaches are a strict no-no. :) I mean unless you are on a website like where you can get REAL advice from someone like Mark Cuban.
I understand and respect your point @djweb, but I have to completely disagree with you about saying that paid coaches are a strict "no-no". Can I ask you something honestly? Have you experienced paying a business coach before? If yes, what is your experience back then? I have several paid coaches that I have dealt with for the past few years. You know what? Without them, my business would become a disaster and they changed my life perspective and personal growth. Of course, there's nothing wrong if you are going to look for a free coach, and you might be blessed. But there are business coaches who had some expertise that no free coach can do, so I don't mind paying them in order to gain some inputs and implement them. I don't understand why from kindergarten to college, we are not complaining to spend our tuition in order to get a job with a small wage? While we are already complaining to pay someone who can help us succeed in our business?

This is just my honest opinion man based on my experience with these paid coaches. No hard feelings. :)


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I agree, corporate sector has begun appointing professional coaches for their professionals for this particular purpose. There is no doubt about the fact that managers come fully trained from business schools but they still need some motivation and guidance at basic level. The business coaches play their role at this very point.

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We seen any game have a coach to make perfect his players and give way how to won your match.
Same in the business if you have not any idea then you want to coach. to teach you about business.
Coach like a teacher he not run your business but he gives you smooth way to run your business perfectly.

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A business coach may help you in generating good output in your business like cricket every team has a coach who is responsible to give proper training and encourage the team to win,coach also help you to know all the things which helps you to get success in your business because he/she already spent a long time it theses types of work and got success in their field.

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Not only in business, we always need someone to guide us through the right way. The business coach should be experienced in the same filed so that he ca guide you better and let you know about the ups and downs of that business. He should be a motivator for you and you should be open in listening to him.

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Hiring a business coach can motivate the employees to work harder and thereby increasing their productivity based on the skills they already possess. The business coach can identify the strengths and weaknesses and brainstorm ideas to improve your business.


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For example every teacher behaves like a coach and coach give good way to how you success any where or any profession.
Same if you want to open your own business then coach teach you and he provide best business guide.
And you may be get more success in your business.