My Suggestion Why You Should Invest In Premium Wordpress Themes


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WordPress is the leading blogging platform in the world. If you intend to use the platform, one of your initial challenges will be to decide whether to use a free WordPress theme or a premium one. For most bloggers, this might seem a simple choice since free seem to be the best option. Many who make this choice often learn that free themes end up costing more in the long term than premium WordPress themes. Some of the reasons why premium themes are better than their free counterparts include the following.

Regular Important Theme Updates

WordPress is one of the fast changing online technologies. The platform is being regularly updated to provide better performance and security for users. Bloggers and WordPress developers need to keep up with these updates to ensure that their blogs operate efficiently. Premium theme developers provide regular updates for their clients. The service is usually free. Bloggers using free themes usually have to pay a WordPress developer to have their blogs updated or, learn coding to regularly update their sites.

SEO benefits of Premium Wordpress Themes

One of the reasons why WordPress is the most popular platform is its SEO-friendliness. All premium themes available today are designed to be search engine friendly. Regular updating is geared towards making the themes faster and easy to rank in search engines. On the other hand, free themes aren't usually designed with SEO in mind. You'll have to hire an SEO or, perform the optimization tasks for easier ranking in search engines.

Premium Wordpress Themes Come with Premium Support

Premium themes are mainly developed by a team of WordPress developers. To ensure that their clients are satisfied with the service, customer support is provided to handle any problems. The customer support also helps to gather information regarding any improvements that can be made on the themes. Free themes usually lack comprehensive customer support. If you have problems with your free theme, you might have to pay a developer to sort it out for you.

Total Control Over Your Design

Premium WordPress themes allow you to make changes and customize it as per your needs. Most of the free themes lack this feature. Some of the free theme developers have found ingenious ways of making money from their efforts by adding encrypted links onto their themes and selling them. Such links will point to other websites without your approval. You'll usually have to pay a fee to have the link removed. With premium themes, you have control over the display and links from your blog.

Although a free WordPress theme seems the best option for small time bloggers, it has many disadvantages especially if you want to build a commercial blog. It can be a good choice for the first few months before your website takes off. However, ensure to switch to a premium WordPress theme and enjoy its benefits.


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Switching to premium theme or custom theme is better as we get what we want. I am totally dis satisfied with free themes as they don't have what we need and they even loads slowly, seo score is too bad with free themes.


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One of the most important thing in blogging is its design. You are selling it to the internet users, as much as possible make it as presentable as possible. This is where premium themes comes in. You can customize it to what you want your audience to see. Unlike free themes where you are just stuck to what it is.


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At first, I was using a premium Wordpress theme only that my friend Daniel Lew gave it to me as a gift. It was very nice to be honest, because premium themes are much more attractive and secured than free themes alone. But for the rest of my niche blogs before, I am using free themes and I find that they are not really attractive and engaging enough for the viewers even though I have logos designed on freelance logo designers. It was worth investing to Wordpress premium themes, because the website's design really matters aside from engaging content alone. Great article by the way @Zak. :)


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Currently,I am using a free theme, however, soon I will have a premium theme on my website. If you are using free theme, your website may not appear novel, because free theme is already used by other people.However, premium themes is your own theme, and very few people will be using the same theme.


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One friend here suggested that I should use Wordpress Premium as there are better themes and features, unlike the regular which was limited. I will be trying out soon because I can see other people using the same themes that I used in my blog.