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I bough a hosting package on supposedly solid hosting platform with 100% up time guarantee, the platform is anything but stable, there was even a time when my sites were offline for over 2 days, a few weeks after that, sites were down again for more than 48 hours.

In between the above incidents the was regular downtime or several minutes. I contacted and asked my money back and I got the email below giving me free additional 2 weeks hosting. The question is what do I want to do with 2 weeks of unstable hosting? I have since move all my site to more reliable hosting company. If you are looking for a reliable UK hosting company, UK2.NET is NOT the hosting company you should consider:

Hi Temi,

We do sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused in regards to the downtime experienced.

Unfortunately we won't be able to issue a refund on the service.
I have extended this package for you for a further two weeks until 2011-12-01 as per the SLA.

Please do let us know if you require any further assistance.

For any further Technical assistance, please do contact our Technical support.

Thank you for your patience.

Kind Regards
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Well, even though our servers never went down in the past 2 years, we still
advertise 99% uptime but some Hosts just can't help themselves overselling
their services and will shamelessly lay to Joe Public just to sell another plan.

Post like yours is the only way people will learn about pitfalls and I applaud you for that.



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Thanks for this advice Temi.

It's a veritable mine field... I am kind of bordeline needing to use a service like this, it's a big investment really,not just in money paid to the host, but in your own time transfering data etc..

Most of these companies seem to declare 99+ % up time, I suspect that is strecthing the truth somewhat!


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I don't believe a WORD any hosting company write on their site. I have used quite a few and note a single one kept their promise and like you saw above from, a package that promised 100% was actually down for almost 3 DAYS. I spent days moving my sites from their server to another host, that same host is the one you were having problems with with one of your sites.


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As a rule of thumb I mistrust companies using the word "unlimited".

I have used plenty of hosting companies out there promising unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains.

They never delivered.


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You are quite right, anyone who promises "unlimited" anything should be made to state the limitations within the "unlimited" services its offering.
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