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My 2 Cents Why Youtube Paid Video Ads Are Better Than Google Adwords Alone?

Discussion in 'Google Adwords' started by cheezcarls, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. cheezcarls

    cheezcarls It's Game Time!
    Yellow Belt

    Dec 15, 2015
    +162 / -0

    What's up everyone!

    It seems you are having a great day ahead. I know you are doing everything in order to succeed in internet and search engine marketing. Look guys, I totally understand how busy you are in doing internet marketing and SEM as well. But I want to give you a real quick reason on why you should be paying attention to this thread right now.

    Do you want to learn something new?

    Do you want to do something that you've never done before?

    Do you want to have successful results than before?

    Of course, we all wanted to become successful than before. But can I ask you a question again? Have you ever encountered a person who says that he or she doesn't want to be successful? Maybe you have seen them, but most of them may not say it to themselves. You know why?

    Everybody deserves to become successful!

    That's right guys! I'm pumping you all up right now. This is why I wanna talk something new that you may have never tried before. Maybe some of you did, but I believe most of you didn't learn about this yet. Are you ready to learn?

    In this article that I am going to discuss right now, we will be talking about Youtube paid video ads. I know most of you here knows Youtube, as it is the second best search engine on the planet. Not only that, it is the number one video sharing website today. Plus, Google owns this website of course. We are not going to talk about blasting your videos with hundreds of free views, being creative on producing your own video, etc.

    Instead, we are going to talk about video ads that appear on other's Youtube videos. If you take a look at the picture above, you may see that it's a Burger King advertisement, right? Oh yeah, that's right! But did you know that it can actually appear in any targeted video that you wanna watch? I even notice that. Sometimes when I wanna watch a specific video, a video ad appears in 30 seconds or more. Now this is what I'm going to talk about guys!

    Without further ado, I would simply like to discuss about the advantage of Youtube paid video ads over Google Adwords alone:

    What are the advantages of Youtube paid video ads over Google Adwords anyway?

    1. Video ads are attractive

    I can tell you honestly that these claims are true. Did you know that most people pay attention to videos first than content? And their attention span on watching videos are longer than just images or texts? It simply catches their attention on what are they really offering about. Unlike Google Adwords, when somebody searches for an exact keyword, they only saw your text ad and nothing fancy or attractive about it, so they might pay less attention to that one. This is why video ads are a good to go in advertising to various Youtube targeted videos (even from your competitors).

    2. The clickthrough rates of video ads are much higher than text ads alone

    This is another reason why Youtube paid video ads are cooler than just image or text ads from Google Adwords. It was highly observed that the more people pay attention to the video, the better their clickthrough rates are. One of my friends tested his campaign between Youtube video ads and Google Adwords together with the same keywords, demographics, etc. As a result, he told me that Youtube paid video ads had given him more results than a simple ad from Google Adwords.

    3. Video ads are less ignored than the text ads

    Another cool reason why I prefer Youtube paid video ads than Google Adwords is because they're ignored lesser than I thought. Only a few percentage of the visitors have ignored your video ad, while text or image ads have higher percentage of getting ignored for good. This is where videos are dominating nowadays, and it's even growing bigger than you ever thought it was.

    4. You're not going to pay if the video ad was skipped

    Last, but not the least, is one feature that Google Adwords and other PPC programs don't. Youtube paid video ads has the ability to let you save your money from useless clicks from visitors. You know why? It has a feature that can give you better conversion than ever with its skip control feature. For example, once a video ad was played before the main video comes, there's a skip option. Once the viewer skips the video before 30 seconds, you're not going to pay for it. However, if it already passes the 30 seconds or until it finishes, that's where you pay.

    This is why Youtube video ads are actually better to invest your money than Google Adwords only. Although Adwords is still the all-time best PPC program of the internet, but Youtube's video ads can take you to a whole new level.
  2. challengewriter

    Yellow Belt

    Dec 9, 2015
    +66 / -0
    It's annoying the ads on YouTube, but you're right, in some cases you're not allowed to continue with your video until you watch an ad. You have a broken image link.
  3. coolyfrost

    Yellow Belt

    Jan 23, 2016
    +9 / -0
    The thing is that creating video content is much harder than just creating content on a website. So my question is: Do you think it is still worth it, in a time/effort to money made scenario, to use youtube ads instead of google adwords?

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