Tutorial Will Press Releases Distribution Help In Seo

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The number one search engine, Google has started to stop recognizing the links embedded in press releases. If you have distributed your press release to various directories, you must make sure to make the anchor link no follow. Press release used to be one of the main SEO strategies that SEO companies use to promote branded sites 10 years ago but nowadays, the links in the online press release has very little value.

Nofollow the Anchor Link in Your Press Release
Companies who had a lot of press releases published online will have to to remove all the anchor links to avoid being penalized by the search engine. It can be a difficult to clean up these links even if the directory make these old pages non crawlable to the search engine. This is because there are many other sites that have already published the press releases. If you have a news such as an announcement, you can publish an online press release to let your prospective customers know.

However, you must be careful not to include dofollow link in it. You can use the rel=nofollow tag to make the link nofollow. It is recommended that you include at least 1 link in the press release so that other readers who are interested can click on the link and find out more about your company. Journalist often scour the press release directories for newsworthy content to publish on the magazine or newspaper. There are thousnads of major newsrooms that subscribe to press release feeds in their editorial systems. Many major online news site publish stories found on sites such as PR Newswire.

Journalist Picking Up Your Press Release
If your press release is well written, you may get chosen by the journalist to publish on the magazine. This means that a press release that has value will get found by people and drive traffic to your website without relying on the search engine.

Optimizing the Press Release for SEO
If you optimize your press release for SEO, it may get you even more traffic. It is estimated that less than 15% of the press release are optimized for SEO. There are a few ways you can SEO optimize your press release. You can create an infographic version of the press release to make it easy for people to understand the story. Videos and podcasts can be used to help the press release rank higher on the search engine. Contents with videos and podcasts always rank on top of the search results. Besides, you should also social bookmark it on the major social networking sites. It is encouraged that you distribute it to both paid and organic social network.

What Makes a Good Press Release

There are many things you can write in a press release such as company news, sales data, and new product. You can also convert your company videos into a PR. A well research PR will have an authoritative yet professional journalistic tone.The PR will be something that is relevant for making an announcement in regarding to the company. It will focus on providing valuable information and has very few optimized keywords. It will not have any promotional materials and encourage the readers to want to read more.

Submitting Your PR to Directories

You should submit your PR to both free and paid directories. Paid PR directories will give you far better result compared to the free PR directories.

How to Create a Good Press Release

1. Write Good Headline
Professional press release will have a good headline just like how a magazine grab people's attention by putting catchy headlines on the front page. The headline you write for your press release must be interesting and accurately describe the content.

2. Summarize Important Points in First Paragraph
The first paragraph is the most important because this is the paragraph that most people will read. You should summarize all the important points in just a few sentences in the first paragraph. In the subsequent paragraph, you can expand the points you mention in the first paragraph.

3. Use Subheadings and Number List
To make your press release easy to read, you can use subheadings and add numbers to each supporting point. This will help make your PR look more organized and neat.

4. Proofread Your PR for Spelling and Grammar Error
Another thing is that you must make sure to double check your PR for grammar and spelling errors. You can let other people who are good in English to proofread it before submitting it into press release. A single grammar or spelling mistake can give the reporter reasons to think that you are not professional.


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Press Releases are a great idea, but only if they're done right. I think it would be prudent to hire a professional to write PRs because there are certain things that only they know best. Plus, they already have contacts in publications which means that multiple people will pick up on your press release without you having to work hard.