Win free links - How? Guess the number

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Lets get a game going and the chance for you to win free links.

Here's the game. I have thought of 5 numbers between 1 - 1,000 and pm'ed the three numbers to Temi, so there is no cheating.

Guess a number and win a prize. You must wait for another member to post a number before you can post. Example, I post a number, Temi posts a number, I post a number, Bagi posts a number and so on.

Each person who guesses the winning numbers wins the following:

1) Link at Link Bid (£5 Bid)
2) Link at UK Business Directory
3) Link at Z Web Directory (Featured on home page for 1 month)
4) Link at The Web Directory

It's easy, just guess, post and win :)

Lets go for it


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My tip is 11. Hopefully I win, if nothing more at least some experience. Hopefully you recognise me with despiter of the shorter nick.


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oh man. I thought for SURE it was 542 using my mental powers to read your mind!!!! I will guess again after someone else does!
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