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Yes, I have one

A programmer with the pseudoname "Second Part To Hell" made public a few examples of malitious code which exploits the security holes in Monad, the next version of command prompt which is included in the Beta 1 version. He made public these examples, which is actually a tutorial for making viruses, only a day after the public release of the Windows Vista test version on 21 July.

So this secure is Vista, and i found on the net the correct interpreattion of the word Vista = Virus Infection Spyware Trojans and Adware


dirty nappie

from official website:

The Windows Vista User Experience represents a new design philosophy that delivers a compelling user experience from the moment that you start interacting with the computer to the moment that you leave it.
Details and screenshots


We will see that soon. Ovi has a copy of Windows Vista, maybe he will install it soon and we can test it than :)


pretty secure

According to many sites I've read, it is very secure, the most secure OS actually.

Here is an article I found usefull.
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I will always wait till the OS gets a little more mature first before really diving into it. But hopefully, it will be more secure than the previous versions because a lot of my company's new laptops will be using Vista.


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In my opinion the most secure operating system Microsoft has ever realeased in Windows 2003 Server with SP1. Why you ask? Because when you install it you are in 'shields up' mode. Its the darndest thing where your new server 'protects' itself from all of the computers in your network!


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I use it on some computers in my network and it works pretty good. I know the post is a bit old but just to inform there's a service pack out for vista OS.


I've also heard that it's very secured,
however I will still wait for buying it.

As long as I can use XP, I don't change again.

Jason :)
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