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Windows Phone Vs The iPhone & Samsung Galaxy


There are three phones which are trending the most in the market now days. First are the Apple iPhone, which contain the iOS software which is Apple’s own and are only provided for iPhones. Next are the phones which run on the Android platform. Android is an OS which is developed by Google and is provided to various phone companies and is now competing quite well with the iOS. The third type of phones is the Windows phone, which runs on the Windows software developed by Microsoft. If you Rate by popularity, the iOS and the Android phones are a bit further up in the table than the Windows phones. But, with Microsoft providing new features in Windows, the phones having Windows OS have been steadily picking up market. Here we will compare a Windows phone with an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy. The Samsung Galaxy runs on Android OS.

Design And Feel

Design and feel wise it has been traditionally seen that the iOS trumps both the Android and the Windows. That is a major reason why the Apple iPhone is so popular despite costing quite a few bucks. People are satisfied with the performance of the iOS. This has been always not the case with an Android phone or a Windows phone. But of late Android phones have improved the design of their OS quite drastically. The latest Samsung Galaxy phone is the S5 which runs on Android v4.4.2 (kitkat) and there is an option to upgrade the software to the latest Android 5.0 (lollipop). The Android v4.4 ( kitkat) received much critical acclaim due to its good performance and it gives the ios7 a good run for its money. While Apple have released the latest ios8, Android has also released their latest version of 5.0 (lollipop) which is quite good. As for windows phones, it has been only recently after the arrival of Nokia Lumia series that the general people have been attracted to a Windows phone. In all fairness the Windows phones seen a bit backward when compared to the Android and the iOS, as many customization features are absent, still the Windows OS is a bit easier to use than the other two. It has gained appreciation of the general non-tech savvy mass who find the Windows phone simpler to use.


When Apple first launched the iOS people became aware of the so many different ways of entertainment that can be achieved by a phone. There were so many different apps that caught the people’s attention. This was a major reason for the escalation of sales of the iPhone. As time went on, the Android OS caught on and released many apps on its own, which enthralled the public which resulted in the rise of popularity of Android phones. Windows phones have been criticized for the lack of apps and this has been highlighted as a reason to why they lack to Android and ios. But now days Windows has caught on and released many apps on its own and has upped its level.


Android, ios and Windows differ from each other and are targeted for different class of people. While a business class person would buy an iPhone for its OS, a general person without so many needs may buy the Windows phone for its simplicity. Galaxy phones with the Android software offer a bit of both.