Windows V Linux web hosting

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Most web hosting are done on Linux but a significant quantity are also done on Windows.
Do you use windows or Linux for your hosting, if you use Windows, why? Is it because you need to run a server sited script/application that is only available on Windows?


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All my sites are hosted on Linux, I think Linux servers are more popular than windows servers


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I have never had website on a windows server and hope I will be able to continue this trend in the future. As far as I know the mod_rewrite Apache module could be subtituted on windows server, but the solution is not cheap and on a shared server I don't think it would be provided, at least not in Hungary. And the Apache software has a lot of other very useful modules.


I host e-commerce web site with and I should say that it has Litespeed server which is 6 times faster than Apache. Can you imagine this? I am happy with the speed and network uptime provided by this company.
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