My Experience Woocommerce And Magento In Comparison

Jason Perry

New Member
Magento and WooCommerce are top two best eCommerce platforms at the moment. Magento continues to hold the 1st position with a powerful eCommerce system, a large feature source. WooCommerce plugin is on the road to success to conquer user’s heart after 7 years of developing.The number of WooCommerce site reaches a highest point (7.4% of all ecommerce stores).
Magento and WooCommerce have many thing in common. Both platforms are open source products with freely available original code to upload unlimited products.
Magento and WooCommerce have strengths and features for different needs and different segments. Today, LitExtension does a small comparison between two platforms about setting up & usability, cost for install, hosting.

Setting Up & Usability

Magento interface is friendly for users on the basic level. There are a lot of tutorial videos and helps from communities to set up. However, everything becomes more difficult when adding extensions to site. Magento requires core knowledge in coding and development. Users need certain experiences to install and control Magento site.

WooCommerce is a light platform, easy to add on WordPress and manage. Setting up is relatively simple. Developers can be available to choose and add many high plugins without worrying about difficulty of management. It is easy to use by individual of varying experience.

Cost For Install

With Community version, users can download and use freely but no guarantee the advices & plugins. If you want to the better support and a high scalable features in built, you can pay fees for Enterprise Version.
Magento has mainly commercial extensions. Few extensions is free. Moreover, adding extensions need technical knowledge. In many case, users must hire a developer to install the extension properly.
People can start Magento site free but need a big budget to develop and expand store effectively.

WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin for WordPress. You install WordPress and add WooCommerce plugin. You will find many free themes, extensions for WooCommerce and install them quickly and easily.


Hosting of Magento is quite complicated. Magento store requires some technical knowledge to set up server. Magento developers usually use dedicated servers or cloud plan to keep Magento store running stably. Shared hosting plan is expensive.

WooCommerce is a plugin of WordPress, so WooCommerce runs with WordPress’s hosting. Server requirements are friendly standard. WooCommerce only need your server supported MySQL and PHP. This makes store easy and cost effective to jump-start.